7 Best Massage Chair Under 2000 [2019-2020]

Best massage chair 2019There’s nothing more enjoyable when the relaxing, therapeutic massage chair takes care of your whole body when returning home from a long stressful day at work.

With a top full body massage chair, all you have to do is sit back and allow it to massage away your aches and tiredness.

This best massager device can provide great massage therapy with a variety of healthful benefits.

Studies have shown that massage not only offers comfort to the receiver but also relieves muscle tension, stress, and pain.

According to some studies of MayoClinic.org, “we have found that massage is actually useful for anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia,  the sleep disorder associated with stress, myofascial pain syndrome, headaches,  sports injuries, soft tissue strains or injuries, and temporomandibular joint pain

Our recommendation for the best massage chair is iRobotics i7 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

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Top 5 Best Massage ChairProduct DimensionsItem WeightOur RatingsCurrent Price
1. RelaxonChair MK-II PLUS 65 x 30 x 31 Inches256 pounds4.4/5price button of yoga hammock
2. Osaki Massage Chair OS 4000 52 x 31 x 34 Inches255 pounds4.0/5price button of yoga hammock
3. Best Massage EC-06 Massage Chair60 x 33 x 31 inches244 pounds4.2/5price button of yoga hammock
4. Panasonic Massage Chair EP MA7348 x 32.7 x 45.3 inches218 pounds3.6/5price button of yoga hammock
5. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 46 x 48 x 31 inches200 pounds4.4/5price button of yoga hammock
6. iRobotics i7 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair81 x 38 x 47 inches265 pounds4.6/5price button of yoga hammock
7. Novo XT Massage Chair 63 x 31 x 43 inches273 pounds3.7/5price button of yoga hammock

Top 7 Best Massage Chair Under 2000 Reviews [2019-2020]

1. RelaxonChair MK-II PLUS

best massage chair under 2000This best shiatsu Massage Chair has latest features like gentler massage rollers, softer airbag pressure for arms and calves.

RelaxonChair MK-II plus offers 5 automatic massage sessions, one-hand remote controller, 3 programmable massage sessions.

You will also have 3 manual targeted massages (kneading, tapping and combo), three-speed massage management and three-level pressure of airbag intensity.

The massage chair exterior was designed with quality in mind. It’s created with first-rate synthetic leather that adds to your massage experience and soft to the touch.

One of the first things that happen once you take a seat is that your body is automatically scanned. It measures the length of your spine and figures out specifically where you would like a massage.

The Relaxon Massage Chair has been upgraded with a Buttlock L-Track Massage System. 2 connected rollers within the seat glide from the neck space all the way down to the buttocks area. With this latest system, you’ll get a full body massage.

Another nice feature is the air massage technology that uses an airbag system to massage your arms, shoulders, thighs, hips, calves and lower back. The airbags individually inflate and deflate to make your body to twist and stretch.

Get ready to get pleasure from automatic, multi-function zero gravity. Zero gravity could be a feature that literally helps you take a load off. With this feature, the massage chair reclines your back and elevates your legs at the same level as your heart. This position eliminates back pain and enhances relaxation because it lessens the stress that gravity puts on your vertebrae.

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2. Osaki Massage Chair OS 4000

top rated massage chairsIt is a rather expensive massage chair with awesome technology and comes with plenty of features.

The exterior of this best massage chair has recently upgraded synthetic PU leather that is very comfortable and adds a sleeker appearance.

Osaki Massage Chair OS 4000 looks phenomenal in any home setting. It offers zero-gravity technology, computer body scan technology, and innovative airbag system.

Before the Osaki Massage Chair OS 4000 can provide you a whole body massage, it uses the dual massage rollers that feel almost human to scan the curve of your spinal cord.

This will determine what Kind of massage you will get and customize the ideal massage session for you.

With the S-Track design, this best massage chair 2019 can match a variety of spinal cord shapes. Therefore, with these great features, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The zero gravity technology that Massage Chair provides puts you in a very comfortable position by reclining your back while moving your legs and feet above your heart level.

This is a comfortable position to receive a whole body massage because it reduces the stress off your spinal cord, neck, back, and heart.

With the zero gravity features, you can simply improve your lung capacity and fix your spinal alignment easily and effectively.

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3. Best Massage EC-06 Massage Chair

Best massage chairs 2019It is a reasonably Priced massage chair that has been totally updated with lots of new features.

All function of this best massage chair works together to provide you a full body shiatsu massage from head to feet.

It’s a completely automatic and vibratory reclining chair that’s competitively priced and shares many of similar features and functions of its more expensive counterparts.

This massage chair is meant to recreate six massage techniques used these days by skilled massage therapists to alleviate aching muscles. you’ll experience:

Kneading – Power rollers are used to knead muscles to make them relax, work out kinks and reduce muscle pain.

Rolling – this method moves up and down to stretch muscles and stimulate circulation.

Tapping – The chair uses a chop-tapping action that gives a deeper massage and loosens tightened muscles.

Flapping – A massage technique used to relax tightness. It gets deep into tired, painful muscles and improves circulation.

Percussion and Compression – These 2 techniques improve flexibility, posture, and mobility.

In this top-rated massage chair, there are 3 preset programs known as Recovery, Refresh and Relax that utilizes over thirty airbags, heat therapy and also the intelligent roller system.

The Recovery preset program is meant to deliver a regime that soothes muscular pain, which might work well for you after a long, tiring day after work or exercise.

With the Refresh program, you get an active massage routine that’s good to start out your day. The Relax program uses a routine that calms you down and will even assist you to sleep better at night.

Thirty airbags offer massages for your arms, buttocks, calves, thighs, legs, and feet. Twenty of the airbags are within the lower section of the chair. With air massage technology, you experience the compression and percussion massage techniques.

For a competitively priced massage chair, thirty airbags are plenty. in addition, you’ll be able to change the air pressure from strongest to weakest.

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4. Panasonic Massage Chair EP MA73

Best massage chairs 2020Panasonic has created many massage chairs with good success. In fact, they’re the first company to have massage chairs approved by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

Its EP-MA73 massage chair is one among their most costly ones, however, it’s undoubtedly earned its stripes from happy consumers.

Panasonic Massage Chair EP MA73 engineered, conceived, and built to bring the most luxury massage experience at your home,

This MA73 massage chair is the next evolution of Panasonic’s RealPro Ultra 3D mechanism which is the most advanced comfortable massage technology in the world.

This best massage chair of 2019 is designed creatively to function as a recliner. This massage chair also provides a fantastic massage with its hideaway armrests and hideaway arm massage.

With this best massage chair, there are numerous sophisticated options and functions that you’ll forget that you’re in the comfort of your own home. Its soft, sleek exterior is created from the very best quality synthetic leather.

Best of all, this chair can double as an ordinary seat by folding within the armrests, attaching the soft headrest and flipping the ottoman at 180 degrees to hide the foot massager.

The moment you are taking a seat in this chair, you will} experience one of the most skilled and luxurious massages that you just may ever experience.

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5. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Best massager chair under 2000Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is a nice choice for the total body shiatsu massage therapy.

The newly upgraded Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 provides full body shiatsu Massage Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800Therapy.

This massage chair utilizes 3-speed levels of 4 massage techniques, like shiatsu, kneading, rolling and tapping.

It has a space-saving structure and features zero gravity positioning. Thanks to its zero-gravity features, this chair balances your weight throughout the whole chair.

While your back is reclined, your feet will go higher than your heart level. This position intensifies your massage experience by reducing stress on your body. You’ll literally feel weightless.

Kahuna options a three-level air massage technology that integrates an airbag system inside the shoulders, arms, waist, calves and hip areas of the chair.

The engineering science behind the airbags is to inflate separately, that forces your body to twist. Because it deeply stretches the shoulders, hips, and thighs.

In contrast to other chairs, there are a small number of airbags that might improve your massage experience.

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6. iRobotics i7 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

top rated massage chairsThis iRobotics 7 massage chair has a large number of adjustment settings. You will get amazing shiatsu massages. It offers easy control intensity levels.

It provides dazzling massage experiences as it patterns and molds itself to the frame of the person.

If you are suffering from pain in your whole body then this massage chair will remove your pain and relax your body.

This massage chair offers a unique side to side motion to relieve stiff muscles. You will get the largest number of adjustments in this chair.

The Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 massage chair scan the full body using the roller tracks that locate and address each problem area individually.

When it comes to a neck massage, iRobotics i7 Massage Chair beat every single massage chair I have ever tried. You will get intensive neck and shoulders rub experience and awesome foot massages with foot rollers.

It is assembled in the US and is FDA, and UL approved and certified. When it comes to features it is an all-rounder model. This model easily accommodates heights up to 6’7” and a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

It also comes with noise cancellation and reduction technology. You will be surprised to see how quiet it is. You will also love the inbuilt music player and Bluetooth speakers. You will get warranty for 5 years on parts and 3 years on labor

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7. Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Best massage chair 2020While the Luraco iRobotics 7 massage chair stands rather undeniable in this list of best massage chairs, lets have a look at the next one. 

Although it is quite expensive in price range but it costs less than the iRobotics 7

The Human Touch Novo XT is a compact massage chair that offers zero-gravity massages along with a full body stretch.

Space efficiency is something special that this massage chair model scores on than most others.
This chair saves a lot of space perfect for smaller apartments and limited spaces. 

The Novo XT Zero-Gravity Massage Chair measures were seven inches less than the Luraco iRobotics 7 massage chair in width and ten inches less in length.

It comes with great adjustable features not only for the neck and shoulder massages but also for your back and feet with separate ones. It has interesting and new features like rocking and full immersion and 30 different features.

Compared to the Luraco iRobotics 7, that has an all-spine, seat and feet heating facility; the NovoXT Full-Body 3D L-Track Massage Chair does lack a little in functionality providing heat only to the lumbar area.

It accommodates a height of up to 6’9” and a maximum weight of 300 pounds. You will get warranty for 5 years on labor which 2 years more than the Luraco iRobotics 7 recliner offers.

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Final Verdict:

If you purchase one of our listed best massage chairs for 2019, you will get a totally customized massage experience each time you seat, due to the computer body scan technology.

The moment you sit down in the chair, a computer automatically scans your body size to make sure you get the most effective full body massage possible.

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