Top 5 Best Pull Up Bar Of 2019 (Buyer’s Guide)

Pull-ups exerciseExperts suggest pull-ups for upper body building and quick weight loss.

You can get V shape on your back and six-pack abs with the help of the “Best pull-up bar 2019.”

But It is true that workout with this home gym equipment is really exciting. You will get great result especially the upper part of the body.

Pull-up workouts make the hand and upper body very strong which is not possible with any other fitness equipment.

After many testing and reviews, we have selected Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro as the best pull-up bar for most of the people.

From start to finish this pull-up bar is worthy of both for your exercise and your woodwork.

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Top 5 best pull up bar reviews 2019:

1. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Pull-Up Bar

best pull up barWhat I love about this awesome pull-up bar is the multiple grips and clever design.

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is the company’s latest version. It hits all the high notes of its predecessor.

Like the others we tested, it has multiple grip options which are cleverly integrated and designed into the crossbar that perfectly rests on the doorframe. This feature was not found on any other pull-up bar we tested.

What is even smarter about this best pull up bar is that the rectangular doorframe supports make nice contact with the woodwork or the wall than the competitors’ cylindrical bars. Therefore it is less likely to ruin your home.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Pull-Up BarThe wide-grip handle position of this perfect fitness pull up bar also erases any elbow room issues which could arise during wide pull-up.

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is weight-rated up to 300 pounds. This feature should make heavier people feel more secure.

It also has straightforward instructions with a couple of assembly options to fit various moldings and doorways perfectly up to 33 inches wide. The only cons that we found is the wide-grip handles that are extra-wide—27 inches at narrowest.

This may be too much for the people those who are narrower-shouldered. Otherwise, The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro is perfect for you to start upper body workouts. I highly recommend you to buy this best pull up bar right now.

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2. Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

 Iron Gym Pull Up BarAn Iron Gym Pull Up Bar will help you strengthen multiple muscle groups including arms, chest, shoulders, back and abs.

Iron Gym Chin up/ Pull Up Bar is the best bar as you can do a lot of other exercises like dips, push up, belly back along with the chin up/ pull ups and also in lower cost.

You can strengthen and tone your body in a small amount of time with Pro Fit’s affordable and popular pull-up workout bar. Highly versatile, it works out multiple muscle groups via three grip positions and Leverage-style door mount.

 Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

You can also lay the Iron Gym on the floor and do crunches, dips, and push-ups, customizing your own training program that also saves hundreds of dollars by cutting out the cost of expensive gym equipment.

The Iron Gym multi-function workout bar is highly portable, compact, and fits in all standard-sized doorways (24 to 32 inches). There is no hardware or fasteners involved in setting up the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar.

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3. Dolphy sports Multi-Door Gym Bar

Dolphy sports Multi-Door Gym BarIf you’re trying to maximize your workout’s, then you’re going to have to resort to a complete regimen.

This chin up bar will Increase your upper body strength and the stamina in your arms and shoulders with this imported chin pull-up bar to your routine.

It is Designed to use at home or at the gym and it is easy to use, this pull-up bar helps you improve to achieve a complete workout on your upper body, increasing the power in your shoulders and arms.

This chin up bar is adjustable from 81 to 120 cm. All Fixing Nuts are Included in Packaging. Sturdy steel material can hold Body Weight Up to 100 Kg.

It can Perform pull-ups and chin-ups in any standard door frame. And it can also achieve a challenging upper body workout in a minimum of space

4. Proton Wall Mounting Pull Up Bar

Proton Wall Mounting Pull Up Bar

Amazing home gym equipment to do pull-ups, chin-ups to make the upper body strength.

However, it is really tough exercise to do. It is wide enough to do many exercises.
It can be mounted anywhere on a wall at the desired height and the process is not very hard.

So so kind of a product but made of nice and sturdy material. This pull up bar is not for those who are slightly overweight. If a man of 80kgs regularly exercises with it, will definitely reduce its life.

If it doesn’t go for at least 3/4 months after installing then everything will be in vain. Proton Wall Mounting Chin up Bar comes with Ab Straps. This product has Padded foam grips and heavy-duty steel construction. 

5. Cosco Tall Door Bar , 63-96cm (color may vary)


Cosco Tall Door Bar


If you wanna get that mean lean fighting machine look then the Cosco Door Bar is definitely for you.

Best pull up bar Reviews will help you accomplish your workout goals fast and building you up to the muscular frame you want and deserve. It will develop those great looking muscles adding strength to your core as you work out regularly.

This will encourage you to do more so you can look and feel your best. It has Comfortable Foam Handles, The bar is made of foam handles that permit a strong yet comfortable grip, reducing the slippery effect of sweaty palms.

It also reduces the strain on your hands. Powder coated substance on this fitness equipment guarantees the resistance against corrosion. It is Durable and adjustable and fit quite snugly between door frames.

It has Non-Slip, Soft padded Hand Grips to Ensure Maximum Stability and Grip. This bar is Ideal for Pull-ups, Chin-ups and Leg lifts, Foot Anchor for Sit-ups and Crunches.

It has Weight Bearing Brackets for Maximum Stability during Chin-ups. It also has Non-Weight Bearing Brackets for Sit-ups.

Types Of Pull-Up Bars

It is important to find the right style of the pull-up bar. Ask yourself if you are looking to make it part of your ultimate home gym set up or something used to inspire daily exercising?

Or it may be something to fulfill your fitness needs while traveling? Have a quick look at these popular pull-up bar types and make your choice:

1. Doorway

This kind of pull up bar is better known as telescopic bars, they extend and wedge between the uprights of a door frame with no assembling required.

2. Portable

Travel-friendly bars that can be disassembled into a light storage size.

3. Freestanding

Tower-based machines with a stable footprint to manage weight and standard upper body exercises.

4. Wall/Ceiling

Mount these onto either surface to keep the system parallel to the ground and expand your workout space.

5. Station

Identified mostly as home gyms with multiple exercise stations for hardcore exercisers.

Best pull-up bar buyer’s guide

Like any gym equipment, you need to consider some important factors to purchase the perfect pull-up bar for you. Before purchasing any pull-up bar check these things

1. Assemblage:

Something that can easily be put together saves you the hassle and time of hiring an installation expert.

2. Durability

Fancy a device cast in steel housing for damage-free results and longevity.

3. Compactness

Depending on your workout space, you might want something portable enough to fit between doorways or take on the road.

4. Multi-functional

Several bars come with multiple gripping positions and accessories to experience full body workouts.

5. Weight

The standard pull-up bar carries an est. capacity of 300 lbs, though some models support higher body densities.

8. Leverage

Stability is vital for any pull-up bar, so any systems with strong grip support for doorways, walls, or ceilings are worth owning.

9 awesome exercises with the best pull up bar

1. Pull-Ups:

Pull-ups work on your back and shoulder muscles very effectively.

Firstly you need to grip the bar with hands spread shoulder-width apart, palms facing away. Pull yourself up until your chin touches the bar, then lower.

2. Toes Above Bar:

Toes above the bar is an excellent core workout and a very hard one to do! Hanging from the bar and keeping your legs perfectly straight, bring them up to touch your feet to the bar -slowly lower and repeat.

This is an amazing workout, as it engages your core on both the concentric (lift) and eccentric (lower) phases.

3. Chin-Ups:

Chin –up also focuses on your biceps. Grip the pull up bar with your palms facing you and feel the burn in your biceps as you pull upward.

4. Knee Raises:

It is a great exercise to start with if you are new to abs exercise. Hang from the bar, letting your legs hang down.

To do this exercise engage your abs and bring your knees to your chest, then slowly lower them until your legs are extended once again. In the end, your forearms will be burning by the time you finish this movement!

5. The Climber Pull-Up:

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be hardcore, this is the exercise for you.

For this do a regular pull-up, but before lowering yourself, shift your weight to the right, then to the left. This is incredibly tough to do, but it’s amazing for building strong shoulder, arm, and back muscles.

6. Negative Pull-Ups:

It focuses on the eccentric (lower) phase of the movement, and it shreds your biceps in a brand new way.

Standing on a chair grip the bars like you are doing a pull up after that step off the chair and slowly lower yourself until your arms are extended.

7. Hanging Reverse Shrugs:

For this exercise, you have to move only your shoulders – try to push the shoulder blades downward and away from your ears. Later you will feel the burn in your traps and it’s a great isolation movement.

8. Windshield Wipers:

This exercise will take you to the next level! It is a core workout only for the most hardcore.

First of all grip the bar in the chin-up position (palms facing you) and keeping your legs straight, swing them from right to left, mimicking the motion of a windshield wiper. Swing them back from left to right and repeat as desired.

9. Leg up for Abs:

First, hang on the bar in spite of pulling the whole body up just pull your leg up.

This exercise will not only strengthen your upper body but also develop your abs as well. 

Tips: In pull up exercise, the pull up assist band is very helpful.  You can get up to 200 Pounds of Assistance


With the Best pull-up bar, you’ll have the satisfaction that comes with saving big money, as well that of getting a well-rounded workout in the process.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships and expensive fitness equipment, when you can get a great workout at home every day for around $30?

It just makes perfect sense – the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar is your answer to keeping regularly fit, not breaking the bank, and getting a deep workout with a specialized piece of exercise equipment that’s as easy to install as it is to use.

This Best pull up bar exercise is one of the most sought of upper body exercises when looking at the overall pound for pound strength of an athlete.

This is a highly recommended exercise due to the fact that it only bodyweight upper body compound movements available. Best pull-up bar 2019 will help you to find the best product to develop your upper body.

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