15 Best Home Gym Equipment For 2019 (Set Up Awesome Home Gym In Your BEDROOM)

Best home gym equipment 2018“Best Home Gym Equipment”! For the best fitness result, you will need the best home gym equipment.

If you have a few square feet for workouts then you don’t need to join an expensive gym for fitness resolutions.

“You can set up your home gym easily with these awesome gym equipment and can seriously get in great shape “ 

Choose the best fitness equipment from below that will fulfill your needs. 

Our recommended best home gym equipment is Bowflex SelectTech 552s adjustable dumbbells, as you can do so many types of exercise easily with this best adjustable dumbbells.

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best gym equipment for weight loss and toning

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15 Best Home Gym Equipment For 2018-2019 Reviews

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

best gym equipment for weight loss at home 2019

After many types of research & testing, we found that Bowflex SelectTech 552s is the “best adjustable dumbbell“. You can get these dumbbells to boost your strength-training workouts.

This best dumbbell set comes with useful instructions to help you start safely. It includes a DVD with an introduction to resistance training and some excellent tips for experienced lifters.

Your home gym should not be a whole room in your home filled with incredibly expensive machines and shelves. You can start alone your workouts today with just a good set of dumbbells and best weight bench in your room.

Find out which type of weights you use the most in the gym and this will be a good starting point for the weights to buy for you. You can always add to your collection as you grow stronger. [Read More]

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2. Barbell Set 

best gym equipment for weight loss 2018Best barbell set is the crown jewel of any home gym workout.

If you are thinking about setting up your own home gym then you should consider the best barbell set first.

No doubt about it…

A barbell set can be used to complete all of your home gym workouts and target all your muscle groups.

Even you can easily target your leg muscles by doing squat using this barbell.

For barbell workouts, you just need a small space in your own home where you can do your workouts freely. [Read More]

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3.  Indoor Cycling Bike

best gym equipment for abs and love handlesIt is the best cardio equipment for weight loss and toning. 

Cycling bike exercise is a great cardio workout and I just love this bike. During workouts, I spend most of the time on this bike.

A workout in the comfort of your own sweet home has never been so convenient, easy, or fun!

According to The Fitness Mojo team, the best indoor cycling bike is Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.

“For an amazing cycling exercise, this best cardio equipment offers all the necessities that are required. Your own home will transform into a great gym back in no time.”

It is the best indoor exercise equipment to lose weight faster than any other gym instruments as it makes lost of sweat during the workout and burns lots of fat and calories.

The price of this cardio equipment is a little high but if you can afford it then it could be the best home gym equipment for you to lose weight faster than ever.  [Read More]

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4. Kettlebell for home fitness

best exercise machine for abs and obliques

The Kettlebells were originally designed for Russian Red Army soldiers and world-class athletes.

Kettlebell exercise Works on all the muscles you use for balance and leverage.

Kettlebells are known as the best home gym equipment for your strength training.

For better result steadily increase the intensity of your workouts by increasing weight amount. This exercise will improve your agility and build strength.

It will develop your endurance which is very helpful for doing squats, throws, snatches, clean and jerks, rotational swings, and many more. [Read More]

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5. Weight Bench 

best home gym equipment 2017Best weight bench facilitates workouts like bench press, dips, dumbbell exercise, legs and abs exercise.

There are so many fitness weight benches on sale, choosing the right models can be difficult.

According to fitness mojo team If you plan to renovate your fitness equipment, they’re quite suited for you. Here comes your savior.

Best weight bench reviews 2017 guide is here to introduce buyers to finding weight benches that are space-conserving and effortless to put. 


Well, finding weight benches that are space-conserving and effortless to put is difficult.

But after testing many top weight bench brands we have selected the top 10 best weight bench for your home gym workouts.

If you want to buy the best weight bench right now without wasting any time then our recommendation is The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 adjustable weight bench, it is just the one worth your investment.

[Read More]


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6. Battle Ropes 

 best home gym equipment 2018The Best Battle Ropes for home gym offer a killer cardio workout.

They’re like must-have pieces of equipment for anyone trying to pack the lean mass.

The Battle Rope exercise work on each arm independently.

It eliminates strength imbalances as they form your muscle on your arms,” says John Brookfield, inventor of the original battle-ropes system. Nowadays it is one of the best home gym equipment that you should have. 

You can either use it as a best battle rope exercises as it was designed, or you can use it as a swing to work on your arm muscles, you can use it as a jumping rope if it’s short enough.

Basically, battle ropes for are recommended to those who want to improve their body and increase strength by combining a set of exercises with hand swinging.

Even if it’s the first time when you hear about this workout item, rest assured that people worldwide have been using it and have seen incredible results in their daily routine. [Read More]

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7. Treadmill

best home gym equipment for legs 2019We have regularly reviewed more than 50 brands of treadmills and hundreds of machines.

We have compiled and categorized reviews to help you find the best treadmill.

You will not see only honest and unbiased reviews. Buying a treadmill is a big effort, so we hope our rankings, reviews, and tools will help you find the perfect combination.

 In 2018 the best treadmill is ProForm 505 CST. After running and walking on different treadmills we found this treadmill as the best treadmill brand for most of the people. [Read More]

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8. Recumbent Bike 

exercise equipment for legs and thighs 2019The recumbent bike is also a great cardio equipment for those who want to mix the comfort with exercise. It is also known as the incumbent exercise bike. 

The recumbent exercise bike is designed to provide the best comfort and support the back while doing workouts.

You can easily keep it in your room and do exercise while watching TV. It can be a great addition to your home gym.

If you are confused about choosing the best recumbent bike then don’t worry.

The Fitness Mojo Team will help you to find the best recumbent bike. [Read More]

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9. Aerial Yoga Swing

best exercise machine for toning whole body 2019

An innovative and ‘Best home gym equipment 2018’ is called the Aerial yoga swing creates even the hardest aerial yoga practice easy and safe.

You’ll get unbelievable health benefits and muscle strength too with yoga gravity-defying moves.

Best Aerial Yoga swings are designed to ensure proper alignment and safety.

It allows you to go horizontal, vertical and yet fully inverted. It facilitates clear discomforts when doing upside down yoga practice. [Read More]

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10. Inversion Table 

Best home gym machine 2019

The Idea of the Inversion table for back pain relief is an ancient idea. It was found in early age around 400 BC.

A study has shown that your brain works 7% faster and 14% more accurate when you are hanging upside down.

The Inversion table works best for lower back pain relief. An inversion table is also one of the best options for inversion therapy.

This well-engineered gym equipment lets anyone’s usual position reversed up to 180 degrees.

The ankles will support you to hold your body upside down easily. you can also take the help of the best gravity boots to better hold your body. [Read More]

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11. Pull Up Bar 

best exercise machine for toning whole body 2019Pull up bar is the best for your upper body exercise.

You can do many awesome and effective exercises with this tool.

For pull up workouts you just need a pull- up bar at home.

When you got this you have got everything you need to do this exercise.

With the Pull-up bar, you can work all of the “pull” muscles: your back and biceps. A wide range of abs exercises is also possible with the pull-up exercises! 

As pull-up workouts are tough, it makes the hand and upper body very strong which is not possible with any other fitness equipment.

After many testing and reviews, we have selected Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro as the best pull-up bar for most of the people.

From start to finish this pull-up bar is worthy of both for your exercise and your woodwork. [Read More]

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12. Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hand:

weight loss machines for home use

For best yoga exercise you need the Best yoga mat.

And those who have sweaty hands and feet problem they can have the Best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet.

No need to worry. Products are available in the market for sweat issues. 

Not only to do yoga but also to do some other basic exercise you should use the best yoga mat. Yoga mat helps to do these exercise easily and comfortably.

In this Best yoga mat 2018 guide, we the Tpa10 team will help you to find the best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet. [Read More]

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13. Ab rocket abdominal trainer :

best gym equipment for abs and love handles 2019

This gym equipment for abs is for the ab muscles which are pretty much the biggest example of glamor muscles on the human body.

Having great abs will make you more attractive, and boost your self-confidence.

Browse through our collection of ab workout routines and find a plan that is right for you.

Ab Rocket abdominal trainer is one of the best abs workout device for toning abdominal muscles and strengthening the core.

The back and head apparatus comfortably support your head and neck. You can easily fold it for storage. 

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14. Trampoline

Best equipment for home gym 2018-2019Trampoline exercise is a great way to stay active and fit. It is a great fun and exercise too for the entire family.

Finding the “Best 10ft Trampoline 2019” can be difficult as there are many Trampolines models with different size, shape and price range.

In this article, we will help you find the best trampoline for you.

Before going to purchase a good trampoline you should read our article to find one that meets your needs and has safety features for avoiding accidents and injuries.

If your kids are bouncing off the walls then let them bounce off the trampoline instead.

It is more safe and good for physical strength. Kids love trampoline for its bouncing feature. It is a great home gym equipment to give a gift to your family. [Read More]

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15. Electric Massage Devices To Relax After Workout

best gym equipment for relaxing the whole body after workout

After doing workouts in your home gym, the most important thing that you will need is an electric massage device. It will remove your pain and relax your body.

It is not possible to go to a massage salon every day and it takes time and costly also.

Best massage devices are priceless. It works like professional human hands massaging your aching neck,

back, and overall body.

After long day work or after a hard workout you will need a helping hand for massage. Best massage device can be that helping hand to relax you. You will feel like it’s a God send device[Read More]

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Different types of workouts that you can easily do in your home gym

1. Cardio exercise

Cardio, which comes from cardiovascular exercise increases your heart rate and breaths per minute while using repetitive and rhythmically large muscle groups.

That’s an elegant way of saying that aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is anything that makes you move fast and strong enough to break a sweat.

The benefits of Cardio exercise are many such as weight loss, stronger bones and muscles, lower levels of depression, better sleep, and anxiety, and even lower risk of many types of cancer, to name just a few.

2. Balance and flexibility training

While improved balance and flexibility may be secondary benefits of various cardiovascular and strength-training exercises, it is important to do some basic training that specifically develops these 2 functions.

They improve daily life and help improve their general health and mental well-being. Try to perform at least two balance/flexibility workouts each week.

3. Strength training

Strength training is also known as resistance training. it is the use of resistance exercise to build and strengthen muscles.

That resistance can come from your own body weight, a weight or other manual weight, or a wide range of resistance machines.

Along with greater strength and muscle definition, resistance training helps develop bone density and helps you lose weight.

The ACSM recommends that healthy adults perform strength training two or three times a week, participating in eight to 10 different exercises focusing on variable muscle groups.

Beginners should aim for eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise, using the amount of weight that leads to muscle fatigue within that set of repetitions.


If you want to tone up and lose weight fast then choose among these best pieces of equipment.

Most important thing is that you have to enjoy your workouts, if you don’t enjoy and love it then you cant get success.

So try to do exercise that you love regularly, take good food and sleep well only then you will achieve your fitness goal and lose your weight soon.

Best Of Luck!

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