16 Best Gravity Inversion Boots 2018 (Enjoy The Benefits Of Inversion Therapy)

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity BootsBest Gravity Boots 2018! To enjoy the advantages of inversion therapy, Gravity boots act as ankle supports. This nifty tool is turning into very popular home gym tools for workout needs.

These Gravity boots had been first sawed their way into the world in the 1970’s and are still a popular object for inversion therapy.

If you’re thinking of purchasing them, we’ve rounded up the 10 satisfactory Gravity Boots on the market under ranging from most high priced to least expensive, to assist you to pick the excellent one.

Just like inversion tables, these gravity boots allow you to dangle your physique upside down as you soak in the benefits of inversion therapy.

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How Gravity Boots Works?

how to use inversion boots

The way the Gravity boots work is that they hook onto a giant rack in which you stop up standing on your head with your arms provide your support.

Gravity boots may no longer fly you to the moon and back, but these boots permit you to securely cling upside down like the ankle helps used on inversion tables.

They can be used with inversion tables, bars or racks to make inversion therapy greater blissful and effective. They can help with a lot of fitness issues together with posture, lower back pain, and spine conditions.

According to Brown (the creator of the contentious da Vinci code novels), he uses them to dangle his body to spur creativity. Whether Brown’s allegations are authentic or not, one aspect is undisputable – gravity boots ought to very well be your most secure bet to dealing with chronic decrease back pain, bulging discs, tight muscles and spinal stenosis.

Best Gravity Boots 2018 Reviews

1. Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots

Teeter Gravity Boots 2018

This best inversion boots 2018 comes in an alluring blue color. Made out of a durable plastic. you’ll be completely satisfied to understand that the ankle straps are extraordinarily safe and can be adjusted to any foot size. The calf loops are additionally removable and adjustable to stop any serious injury to your knees during workouts. The double lock machine adapted via Teeter ensures now not solely safety but as properly as any protection measure for maximum comfort.

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2. Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots


Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Tonyko Gravity Boots is one of the most inexpensive pairs on this roundup, this boot is as versatile as you’d want it to be. It is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a way to recover rapidly from compression fatigue brought about by way of cardio training, jogging, weight training, stepping and bicycling. Just wrap the boots around your feet, hold your body upside down and breathe easy!

The Tonyko has a weight potential of 150 Kgs. The cozy padding on the sides will now not only give you a contoured in shape but additionally ensure that your ankles don’t harm at some point of inversion. Meanwhile, the sturdy hoots and buckles will make sure that your toes remain in the region as you invert. Moreover, the high strength stainless metal assures you of durability.

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3 Body Solid GIB2 Gravity Boots

The Body-Solid GIB2 Gravity or Inversion Boots are comfortable, low cost and constructed to last. Backed by means of the popular Body Solid brand, these ones are a must-have for anyone who is the usage of inversion therapy.

gravity boots reviewThe GIB2 are designed to assist ease lower back pain, muscle fatigue, and spasms. If you’re a runner, bodybuilder, cyclist, or just experience doing aerobics, these can help you preserve compression fatigue at bay.

The Body-Solid GIB2 Gravity Boots use a single locking mechanism that can be attached to about any chin-up bar. The pads on the boots are for added comfort, and extra pads are included for a customized fit.

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4. Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots

do gravity boots works

This pair of inversion boots is designed with heavy duty long lasting locking buckles for added safety. With their comfy foam padding, you can operate quite a lot of workouts with these Xtreme Monkey Inversion Boots. You can work your legs, shoulder, neck, and back. Its cushty fit is best for those with thinner or large legs in presenting a extra security.

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5. Teeter Cobra XL Gravity Boots

If protection and alleviation are your foremost concerns then the Teeter Cobra XL must be at the pinnacle of your list. They’re large than the Teeter Hang Ups boots.

Teeter Gravity Boots

The Cobra XL is lightweight but exceptionally durable. Lined with soft, contouring foam, these boots are cozy to put on and won’t cause compression troubles like other merchandise do. The exterior shell is flexible, which further adds to the comfort. Of course, they additionally come with Teeter’s double lock gadget that maximizes protection and safety.

Although the boot is “XL,” one dimension will suit most users. The straps can be adjusted to suit simply about any ankle size, and the product itself weighs 2.5 pounds. For more alleviation and protected inverting, the Teeter Cobra XL Gravity Boots are a smart choice.

6. Goliath Labs Gravity Boots

 Made in the USA, Goliath Labs product is cozy and they come with a steel hook construction. The only cause why these boots come in at number six on our listing is due to the fact they come with zero instructions. The boots come with a foam exterior and indoors for added comfort. This product will suit most users, and the maximum weight ability is 259lbs.
Best gravity boots 2018

The biggest issue we had with the Goliath Labs product is the lack of information on the product. They do not come with directions and there’s no information about the product on the company’s website. However, these boots still get the job completed and suit securely onto your ankles. If you’re on a tight budget, you might also prefer to consider these for inversion exercise or to build strength.

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7. Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XL

 A larger version of the EZ Up, this pair wraps up our first-class gravity boots collection. They convey to the fore the same performance and unparalleled high-quality that Teeter is well-known for, solely that these are ideal for human beings with extra pounds of weight. They are an outstanding preference if you favor avoiding a full inversion table and are easy to store.
 Best Gravity Boots 2018
These boots are compatible with Teeter inversion bars, EZ-up rack and F5000 or F7000 inversion tables. You can depend on the padded liners to provide full ankle support to hold you safely connected irrespective of the inversion gadget that you’re using. As a result, you can ease the stress on your ligaments, improve flexibility and decrease fatigue without having to worry about falling on the floors.
As stated, these boots are extra-large, so you might desire to check the size of your feet before buying. And simply like all Teeter gravity boots, these function DuPont Hytrel material to reduce pressure factor and up to one inch thick liners for much less compression. And, thanks to the top-notch mild (plastic casing) and long-lasting construction, you can rest certain of strong reliability without subjecting your feet needless weight.

8. Vyber Gravity Inversion Hanging Pull Up Boots

Vyber Gravity Inversion Hanging Pull Up Boots
If you are new to gravity boots, the Vyber inversion boots are the best tools, to begin with. These boots were designed to keep you safe. With one easy click of the durable metallic locking system, you will be impervious and ready to exercise. two Another standout function of these boots is the thick, double layered foam padding which provides extra comfort.

9. 8milelake Set Gravity Boots

inversion boots reviewThese are possibly some of the most lower priced gravity boots on our list. two However, the 8milelake boots are by no means poorly made. These boots have a built-in safety lever and an easy-to-use locking mechanism. They also have added padding. However, bear in mind that this padding would possibly not suit all customers well.

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10. Hanging Pull Up Boots

Hanging pull up boots 2018

This Hanging Pull Up Boots is very useful fitness assistant for you. If you have faced any issues related to muscle or back pain you can possibly relieve it with the fitness gravity boots. You can easily stretch your neck, back and shoulder muscles with this best gravity boots 2018. Hanging upside down has many benefits, such as stretching muscles, relieving back pain and spreading compressed spinal discs apart. It comes with Padded foam for safety.

Hanging pull up boot provides comfortable foam padded sides for contoured fit around your ankles and sturdy hooks to fit over bars and buckles close the pads. It works on alleviating back pains and muscle spasms

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11. Fitness Maniac Gravity Boots Deluxe Heavy Duty Inversion Boots

hang upside down boots

Fitness Maniac Gravity Boots feature a hard cast metallic shell for an impervious fit a double lock gadget for safety and can connect to truly any chin bars. This Pair of inversion boots is for reducing back pain, spasms, and muscle fatigue.

Again it is a wonderful item to supply you the higher hand in stomach exercises whether or not you instruct at home or at the Gym, with theses gravity boots you can provide your ABS the definition that you have been looking for without putting too much strain onto your buttocks and lower back, as well as permitting your physique to thoroughly stretch while training your ABS.

This fantastic gravity boots also helps to Fight against compression fatigue from jogging, aerobics, cycling, and other workouts by way of spacing out compressed discs and stretches your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. Single-action locking mechanisms connect to absolutely any chin-up bar.

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12. Titan Fitness 1 Pair Anti Gravity Inversion Boots

Gravity inversion boots

After strenuous and high impact exercises like jogging, weight training, and cycling, some people suffer from muscle compression fatigue and spasms. If you’ve experienced these or other troubles associated with muscle or back pain, you can perhaps relieve it and stretch the neck, lower back and shoulder muscle tissues with the Titan Fitness inversion boots.

You can additionally do sit-ups and different ab workouts while inverted for more effectiveness. They are sold as a pair and come with comfy contoured pads for the excellent fit. Simply hang from a pull-up bar and swing your legs up to effortlessly and securely attach the boots to the bar. Hanging upside down has various benefits, such as stretching muscles, spreading compressed spinal discs apart, and relieving lower back pain.

Check with your physician first to make sure this is proper for you, and be careful when attaching the boots to the bar to ensure you are safely connected. Optimum time for inversion is 30 seconds to 2 minutes to protect against light-headedness due to the change in blood flow. Titan Fitness additionally contains a wide selection of pull up bars and power racks that are best for inversion boot usage.

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13. Missyee Inversion Boots Original Pro Anti-gravity boots – Black

Gravity boots workout 2018

We, human beings, could no longer avoid being affected by means of gravity. Doing sports, strolling even lying on the bed, we’re anti-gravity each and every day. Being influenced by this for a long time, we would experience pressured and fatigue easily, which may even cost illness if it is in a heavy statue.

The gravity will have an effect on teenage growing up in many ways, such as bone, muscle, and the height. If we suffered from gravity in a long time and feel uneasy, except dealing with it, it may additionally fee healthy problem. Each phase of our physique has interaction, without suitable method, it may cost you a backache. Even doctors suggest it to assist cure pains. To make our body be at ease, you should strive to use this pair of shoes.

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14. Yosoo Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots Inversion Boots

Yosoo Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots

Hang upside down with this Hanging Pull Up Boots will assist you to alleviate back pain, muscle tightness, and spasms. It also helps to stretch neck, shoulder muscle mass and back. Yosoo Anti-gravity boots relieve fatigue from muscle compression due to cycling, jogging, and different exercises. These Anti-Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots are designed for Comfortable contoured padding for more support and it is long lasting and lightweight also. With material of Foam with metal buckle Package, these boots are special concern about the stable, comfortable and protected when customer use.

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15. Anti Gravity Inversion Boots Ab Crunch Abdominal Sit Up Hooks Bar

Fitness Maniac Gravity Boots enable you to contain challenging inverted sit-ups, crunches and bend to your ordinary workout while giving your ankles unparalleled support.

Inversion boot is an awesome home gym equipment to give you the top hand in stomach workouts whether or not you train at home or at the Gym, with these gravity boots you will be in a position to give your ABS the definition that you have been longing for without putting too much pressure onto your buttocks and decrease back, as properly as allowing your body to utterly stretch while training your ABS.

Gravity boots for women

This best gravity boots 2018 comes with high-quality materials, Extremely cozy foam padding, newly designed to suit perfectly around any sized ankle & foot, quick and effortless strap device and available in black color.

It has got the revolutionary design to fit flawlessly round any sized ankle & foot with an incredible secure lock to ensure that the feet and ankle are unable to slip through the inversion boots and can attach to any sized pull-up bar. With heavy-duty metallic hook which can withstand and hold large quantities of weight on any sized pull-up bar, the anti-gravity boots additionally have a heavy obligation metal band with an invulnerable double lock to ensure that the user’s toes and ankles are safe and secure.

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16. Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Gravity Boots

best inversion boots 2018This gravity boot device is built from a durable metal and plastic combination, which can last for years. The Teeter Hang Ups device has a very simple construction, which makes it handy to dismantle as properly as easy assembly. The ratchet buckles are also self-locking which skill-less of a danger of damage while exercising.

The boots themselves function a 2-degree bend in the knees to minimize any stress on knee joints. If your system ever encounters any issues the business enterprise gives a 5-year warranty, as nicely as an instructional video on how to get set up with the inversion equipment.

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Gravity Boots Benefits 

1. Hang upside down with this pair of boots to help reduce back pain, muscle tightness, and spasms
2. Relieves fatigue from muscle compression due to cycling, jogging, and other exercises
3. Another Gravity boots benefit is that it helps to stretch the neck, shoulder muscle tissues and back
4. Comfortable contoured padding for more support
5. Attaches to almost any chin-up bar
6. Made to get rid of any discomforts from the lower back.


1.Make sure boot hooks are securely fixed to the bar.

2. Ensure tight yet cozy fit around your ankles.

3. Consult a medical doctor for persistent backache before usage

How to use best gravity boots 

Watch this video to learn how to use gravity boots. It looks a tough exercise but not like that. It is easy and fun too.

How to Choose the Best Gravity Boots

 Selecting the high-quality inversion boots can be tricky. You desire value for your money and at the same time are looking for a pair that will help you deal with stipulations such as lower back or shoulder pain. The best gravity boots ought to possess the following highlights.

Safety Features

A suitable gravity boot has to come with auto-locking mechanisms, squeak-free hinges, and hardwearing metal parts. In fact, the extra safety points of the boots you plan to purchase, the better. Other than that, you’re better off with a pair made to last. The construction materials will provide you an idea of the boot’s durability. Take the Teeter gravity boots, for instance. They have DuPont Hytrel outer casing to guarantee you of durability. Of course, the longer your boots can last, the more the value for your money.

Enough Padding

The ultimate factor that you desire is a pair of gravity boots that cannot harm your ankles. You see, inverting your physique for a couple of minutes is no handy task. You, therefore, want to be as relaxed as possible. Before you spend your money on any pair of inversion boots, be certain to check if it gives ample cushioning. At the very least, the piece you intend to purchase ought to have 5/8 inches of soft foam.

Safety Rating

 The level of padding goes hand in hand with safety ratings. You choose to be sure that your boots are secure to use. Check to see if the pair has UL certification. Some models, such as the ones by Teeter have the FDA approval to provide you peace of mind for the duration of inversion.

Maximum Weight Capacity

 Any inversion boots well worth your money must take care of your weight – there are no two ways about it. A flimsy pair will put you at a chance of falling on the ground as you dangle your physique upside down. While most boots can accommodate a weight of up to 300 pounds, it is crucial to verify before you make a purchase.


Choose gravity boots that are as versatile as possible. You’re better off with a pair that’s well suited with a host of inversion tables, handlebars, and racks. The greater flexible your boots are, the greater the usability. Also, choose a pair that provides an adjustable fit. You desire boots that can snug on your feet beside leaving any space for your ankles to move.
We also recommend that you examine a few gravity boots critiques to have a notion of what it is like to use them. Seek to be aware of what preceding users think about the pair and their experience. Pay attention to the poor feedback too. Lastly, you can solely pay for what you can afford, right? Consider the price of the boots you desire to acquire to make sure that it’s within your budgetary allocation.

What Are Others Saying About the Chair?

 You see, 2d opinion matters, more so when it comes to health equipment. It is recommended that you read a couple of user reviews before purchasing. That way, you will have an idea of what to expect with the unit. You will additionally be aware of some of the unit’s shortcomings. Needless to say, a chair with fine vibes and comments around it is possible to make a suitable purchase.


With the excellent gravity boots as a phase of your fitness routine, you can say goodbye to prerequisites that restrict your potential to raise out day to day tasks such as lower back pain, tight muscle, and awful posture. And, as stated, you don’t have to own an inversion table to use gravity boots.
With the information furnished in this complete guide, we accept as true with that selecting gravity boots that in line with your wants just got easier. We hope that you can be aware of spending your money on the proper mannequin and most importantly get a model that will permit you to optimize on the advantages of inversion therapy.
The great brand for your buck is the Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System. This product consists of the whole thing you want to get commenced on your inversion exercising, offering all the durability and protection that you require.

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