Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review 2018

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review lets you do big workouts even with a narrow room. With a 20-pound drive plus the added resistance of incline training, it’s the best cardio trainer and muscle toner built for joint-friendly motion.

It features the most common stride length chosen for a commercial elliptical for the natural stride length of most trainees. Here are details about workouts and other features on the Sole E55.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review 2018-2019

Elliptical machines have been given a bad rap because of their stride length. Treadmills have been given a pass because they are a solo functional, but the Sole E55 Elliptical Machine has a 20-inch stride that gives you the freedom to expand your gait for a full lower body workout while including vertical handlebars so you can work your upper body at the same time.

If you have worked out on a treadmill then you know once you have achieved your required heart rate you will be walking in the same place for about 30 minutes. Once you are done with walking then you will have to incorporate some upper body strength training.

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Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

In today’s time-crunched world, wouldn’t it be better to work smarter than harder?

The Sole E55 Elliptical Machine gives you a full body workout and not just a boring and monotones one either. This elliptical bad boy allows you to be a self-starter and take control of your fitness schedule.

The commercials urging you to join a gym after the gluttony you took part in during the holidays are great but if you don’t have time to visit a gym then it’s really not worth the effort. In order to stay healthy year round you need an elliptical machine that you can call your own.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer ReviewWhen you begin to shop for a new car somebody might show you all the features and make it sound like you haven’t lived until you’ve had them at your fingertips. Exercise equipment should be approached in the same manner. The Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer has features that will make your workout enjoyable and when it’s fun, it becomes addictive. It’s best to visit a sporting goods store that carries Sole so they can show all the added features that will make your decision easier. Take away all the questions and make yourself sure.

Working out is a periodical thing we all attempt it but never stick with it because of time or commitment, or we just don’t feel comfortable with the machine. This machine is a personal elliptical machine that you custom fit your size, height, and weight. The foot pedals are adjustable and they articulate to your foot movement. Low impact is the best type of workout because pounding your joints into dust won’t help you when you want lose a few pounds or tone up.

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Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review 2019

Treadmills don’t offer upper body movement, but the Sole E55 Elliptical Machine allows you to work your upper body and lower body at the same time or just your lower body but at a low impact. Exercise is supposed to be heart healthy and if you are starting to see that your workouts are only adding to your pain then ask any personal trainer and they will tell you that low impact is the best way to go. The motion of the elliptical machine is the true test.

It’s supposed to flow and give you enough resistance that you feel a workout but doesn’t feel the pain associated with aching joints. Sole has designed an elliptical trainer that gives you the best workout available according to Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review.

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More About Sole E55 Elliptical Machine

As the most compact Sole elliptical this machine measures about 6-feet long x 2-feet wide.

Packed into its space-saving frame are high-quality components and Sole’s latest suite of tech-friendly features: Bluetooth, an improved tablet computer dock, an easier-to-read screen and iPod compatibility.

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Our Rating

Rating: 94.1/100. The powerful Sole E55 Elliptical is a top recommendation for shoppers with smaller workout spaces. This cardio trainer can hold up to 375 pounds and it has a mere 27″ x 71″ footprint. A handle and transport wheels are also built in for easy storage and repositioning too. It includes a 20-pound flywheel and a 20″ stride. It helps to recruit different muscle fibers in the lower body, making the E55 and other Sole elliptical much more effective at muscle sculpting when compared with more basic elliptical equipment Through this machine upper body workout is supported too with moving armbars.

Using the Sole Fitness app, the programming can be shown on the console’s impressive 9-inch screen or on the user’s own mobile device. We can run the app in the background while others are used during exercise. The Sole E55 Elliptical has iPod compatibility, a water bottle holder, cooling fans and a storage tray for enjoying the workout. Here are some pros and cons to consider.

Feature of Sole E55

  • Light commercial quality
  • iPod compatible
  • Cooling fans
  • Water bottle holder
  • Accessory tray
  • Great customer support
  • Competitive home warranty
  • Natural 20-inch stride
  • 20 incline levels
  • 20-pound flywheel
  • Silent magnetic resistance
  • 10 workout programs
  • Heart rate control
  • Compatible with wireless chest straps
  • 9″ data screen
  • Bluetooth connection for tablet integration, data syncing
  • Tablet holder
  • Cannot download new workouts
  • Stride length isn’t adjustable 

More Features of Sole E55

  • A key feature of the Sole E55 is its power incline with 20 settings with a choice of 20 elliptical paths. You can achieve impressive muscle that’s not possible with other elliptical equipment. There are also incline controls built into the moving armbars.
  • The default control center for workouts is a high contrast 9″ LCD. It can also accept a tablet computer as its monitor. With Bluetooth feature, you can set up a workout on your mobile device.
  • You can even use favorite apps for entertainment or multitasking and then export your workout stats to any compatible fitness app. The App can also store session data locally too.
  • It has an improved tablet computer holder and is adjustable to ensure a just-right view. iPod compatible, speakers and an MP3 player port are included with this machine.
    The elliptical is compatible with a wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring.  This machine also has contact pulse sensors.

Warranty & Guarantee

The Sole E55 machine warranty provides the following coverage:

– Frame: Lifetime
– Parts: 5 Years
– Electronics: 5 Years
– Labor: 2 Years

The handles that come with the elliptical machines enable you to have a complete body workout.  Elliptical workouts are known to also produce less impact on the joints when compared with jogging or running.

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Best Elliptical Machine Buying Guide

  • With the best elliptical equipment, you will get a complete workout which will lose weight with no harm.
  • Have you ever ineffective any moment on the fitness treadmill machine you are aware how tough they may be on your joints and also someday legs. Gear flitted about treadmill machines could really damage an individual specifically if you weigh more compared to A hundred and eighty weight.
  • As the soles hit your home treadmill strip that briefly halts then slides in advance just before that remains to proceed rear nearer. You’ll be able to restrict the actual gear on the fitness treadmill machine nevertheless it will quickly return in order to fall once again. This all injuries creating anxiety will be lacking if you use the elliptical exercise machine.
  • Home elliptical equipment Exercising over an elliptical-machine continues to be referred to through procedure upon atmosphere to perform around any water bed.
  • According to Sole E55 Trainer Review, it lets you do sense unusual initially you are taking any kind of elliptical-machine for the period. No require much time to be able to happen for you to glance at the each of the features of while using elliptical–machine. Nearly all elliptical exercise machines include manages that will relocate marriage along with your beat to provide the higher workout your treadmill machines need.
  • There’s one more steer which elliptical exercise machines get above fitness treadmills and that’s “reduced experienced utilize.In scientific study has attempted to place an impression on it but it’s difficult to describe.
  • Fundamentally whenever you routine over an elliptical tool anyone use-up more calories together with the much less noticeable experienced break. Using a new elliptical exercise machine with an hr could happen for your requirements to train on a good deal a lesser number of vitality as compared to stress an hour or so with a fitness treadmill machine.
  • As a result a person usually composition a lot more greatly along with lengthier over a elliptical-machine.
  • Should you be looking to get a attribute slice of home-based result equipment you are unable to defeat the elliptical–machine. Compared to a treadmill machine any elliptical-machine features a small imprints and a lot of designs could collapsible pertaining to store.
  • Elliptical-machines get subtracting proper and several acquire simply no energy whatsoever permitting them to always be placed almost a spot inside your home with no operating inclusion wires.
  • Furthermore several elliptical trainers have got tires it to be simpler to proceed your automaton from degree to a different. Ahead of getting any kind of elliptical exerciser tutor it is very important invest time to tribulation the particular zombie.
  • Commit from merest Twenty motion in the items that you will be taking into consideration. Perform the review inside words regarding stability. Moreover, zero get worried precisely what best elliptical trainer you are looking for you ought to think a long manufacturer’s warranty.
  • According to Sole E55 Trainer Review, You need to desire to cover from merest $1000 and several moments $1200 with a credit elliptical machine mentor. The cross trainer on this charge restriction may well be more battling along with reputable. Additionally, they can have numerous precious functions such as extended step piece, much more result applications, comfy gearshift and a lot commonly a greater warranty.
  • Lots of people make a mistake of shopping for a lower life expectancy android mobile phone and discover that will rapidly neglect as well as working with customer wedding ceremony turns into a pain. In all of the baggage, you can purchase one of the most precious programs that you could available.
  • There are two areas to purchase the cross-trainer : on the web and in a retailer. It is not honest to check elliptical tool distributed on-line in order to the elliptical machine marketed at the keep. They may be a couple of diverse pets.
  • As an example, with a retailer, you are free to take a look at the particular instructor prior to buying. Nevertheless, the negative aspect is always that you will also pay out much more because of it. Merchants typically offer a restricted variety of brand names at the same time, that may restrict the particular types it is possible to examine.
  • If you need to assess a lot more equipment you will need to find along with push on the a variety of retailers all around your current community.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

  • If you use the internet it is possible to assess a substantial collection of elliptical trainers in the convenience your own property. You can even cut costs. By way of example, there are many best elliptical machine suppliers which offer straight to the customer which enable it to save as much as 45% off of list costs. It is possible to discover discounts on shipping and delivery and purchasers duty also.
  • Consequently, by way of example, the fitness instructor in which operates roughly $1500 in the keep cost a person $999 online. To always be correct, be sure you evaluate on the internet to be able to on the web and one store to other elliptical trainers. Have in mind the Important Components of a Good quality Equipment according to Sole E55 Trainer Review

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  • Plenty of capabilities create a wonderful elliptical machine. (By way of example variety of applications, design, the option of supply watering holes, between the two activities, and so forth.) Nevertheless, you will find Three vital characteristics of the top quality elliptical exerciser. These are Name Finishes regarding Journey Manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Outstanding manufacturers develop wonderful equipment (almost all of the moment). They have got the knowledge, standing and also know-how that you are searching for whenever you acquire. Whenever you analysis seeks out labels in which frequently come upward again and again.
  • Level of smoothness from the elliptical trainer experience includes anything from step size to aimed armbars towards the suitable positioning associated with footpads. Less costly devices do not also have your positioning proper that may result in a jerky experience as well as create a less capable exercise.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

  • The particular warranty provides you with a good suggestion with the high quality associated with development. Locate an extended manufacturer’s warranty while in which notify you the elliptical machine ended up being designed to previous and also to remain true beneath pretty regular make use of. Attempt to prevent the 90-day guarantees you obtain generally variety store brand names if you’re able to. (If you don’t such as coming back the 2 hundred lb item of equipment towards the shop).
  • Three or more) Understand what You may need Comparing Models
    It is wonderful to obtain a good deal and also try and feel when it comes to your regular workout ambitions.


Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

  • Does one prefer to grab the actual tempo whenever training? You might want to decide on an extremely steady machine using an increased consumer fat ability. How about people who will probably be while using the elliptical exerciser? Have they got the peak, fat as well as exercise routine things to consider?
  • Simply by realizing this stuff comparing elliptical machines, you can go with a equipment in which best suits your preferences (rather than just seeking the engineered to be for sale soon). You’ll receive higher productivity of your respective expenditure and stay considerably more comfortable using your acquire.
  • That’s the plan * today you mean in front of 99% of individuals getting a great elliptical exercise machine! Bare in mind by purchasing elliptical fitness machines, one does acquire that which you buy * thus do not go cheap with regards to your quality of life!



  • Are Elliptical Trainers Better For Burning Calories Than Treadmills?
    Elliptical Trainers Versus Treadmills – What are the Pros and Cons?
  • Both treadmill and elliptical fitness machine can help you a great deal if you want to burn fat and lose your weight. Like treadmills, elliptical machines can also burn your extra calories. There are a lot of people who do not actually know which to go for when it comes to making a choice. But there are some advantages of using elliptical trainers over treadmills.
  • Elliptical machines tend to be more flexible since you can perform several cross-training exercises rather than jog or even strolling on the treadmill machine. You are also able to engage your hands, upper body, as well as hip and legs in an entire body, exercise to lose body fat.
  • Impact on the important joints can also be considerably less if you use a good elliptical trainer fitness machine in comparison with jogging or running on the treadmill machine. Those people who are worried about joint pain might choose to use an elliptical fitness machine since it creates minimal impact on legs as well as ankles.
  • Treadmill machines are high-impact trainers since you stroll, run and carry out all exercise routines on the equipment, which in turn puts a lot of pressure on the important joints.


  • There is a possibility you can fall off if not careful when utilizing the treadmill compared to a good elliptical machine. Elliptical machines possess handlebars just like a bike that you could grip while cycling by making use of the elliptical machine pedals. The speed of the elliptical machines is designed to be adjusted easily to suit the individual.
  • If you are highly motivated to burn your extra calories, then elliptical trainers should be your first choice. Here you can control the speed of the elliptical machines and can hold the handlebars. If you suffer from joint pain, these machines are the perfect option for you.


Why You Should Buy This Elliptical Machine

You are probably on this site because you are looking for the best elliptical machine. Elliptical trainers have become really popular in lots of exercise gyms and people find them very convenient for burning calories and keeping fit.

Elliptical machines are really the equipment of choice because they do not really put a lot of pressure on the lower joints or spine. You will also find now that lots of people are actually purchasing this fitness equipment and using them in the comfort of their own homes.

Elliptical trainers can either be electromagnetic or not electromagnetic. Using elliptical machines for interval training will ensure you get a good cardiovascular workout and burn excess fat in the process. You can also use elliptical trainers to track your daily progress in order to keep tabs on how well you are doing.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

There are however a number of different makes and models of elliptical trainers to choose from that it can sometimes be very difficult to make up your mind on the right one to go for. Amazon is the biggest online retailer and you can read real customer reviews to enable you to make a good decision.

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An elliptical machine exercise is impact-free and it is a great option for all those which have issues with stiff joints; they are an excellent offer much less traumatic to these joints than just a treadmill. Elliptical fitness machines are among the most popular objects of bodily exercise gear, and therefore are perfect for getting an interior aerobic workout.

Runners and joggers tend to favor treadmills over elliptical machine workouts, as the running or jogging action is emulated.

If you are searching to get an exercise that offers optimum cardio benefit, an elliptical gadget physical exercise is really an excellent choice. Nearly all the completely new elliptical trainers can offer a complete corporeal physical exercise, especially if it is twin motion handlebars for the arms as well as foot pedals for your legs.

Treadmills focus the exercise more on the lower body as they simulate running or jogging. the best home elliptical machine, what is the best elliptical machine for home use, a best elliptical machine for home use, best small elliptical machine,

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According to The Sole E55 Trainer Review, Elliptical trainers also have a tendency to be the device of option for older exercisers with knee problems, in addition to with these concerned with bodily rehabilitation regarding the legs and reduced corporeal, as there is a lot much less influence on the joints. The physical exercise might be equally as advantageous as utilizing a treadmill, each kind of device will help you burn up calories and therefore are excellent for cardio-vascular well becoming.

Having a treadmill you are able to jog or operate rather than truly a lot else, but possessing a great elliptical device exercise you have the additional advantage of becoming in a position to alter your workout, which is great because you don’t get bored doing the same routine. Different areas of the physique best home elliptical machine.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

Whenever you have just bought an elliptical coach, think about it easy at first! Interval coaching is harder than you may think.

An elliptical coach should employ electromagnetic opposition. You can tell if there’s a button that automatically adjusts the resistance. If there is a dial – then it is not electromagnetic and an interval workout will not be as easy.

An elliptical machine workout is an alternating interval workout, this means that by alternating between high speed and high resistance, you can work at a higher relative intensity to get lengthier intervals. Like that you receive an excellent cardio exercise and expend corporeal physique body fat.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review An interval alternates higher intensity and decreased intensity bodily physical exercise as well as you can carry out this using the elliptical coach in each exercise. You might decide to a 5-minute reduced resistance exercise after which swap into a 1-minute substantial resistance exercise, that’s all one interval at the same pace but with varying resistance.

More Features

Elliptical machines are some of the most used fitness machines in gyms. They allow an organic stride like a treadmill but without putting harsh influence on joints, particularly the backbone.a best home elliptical machine, what is the best elliptical machine for home use, have endured maybe a knee damage are way much better off utilizing an elliptical device exercise to get rid of excess weight and/or get back again in form.

When aiming to obtain fit or shed weight, you have to function out a minimum of three occasions per week, and each and each and every day is better. Based in your factors for utilizing an elliptical device exercise, you might relaxation each and each and every other day at first, then function as much as utilizing the device a minimum of 5 events for every week.

Benefits of Sole E55 Trainer Equipment

  • Losing weight has never been easy even until now. This is not only because of the high-fat saturated food that is very common these days but also this is also caused by difficulty in choosing the right workout machines to use.
  • The right workout machines and routines are necessary in order to maximize the effort of losing weight while using as less strain to the body as possible. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review will help you to lose fats faster.
  • You have to have only the best elliptical machine workouts so that the problem areas can easily be targeted which makes losing weight easier. You workout in order to immediately exercise the area that has a lot of stored fats and the body will be able to lose weight proportionally.
  • The best elliptical machine workouts have certain advantages which are really helpful when losing weight.

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More Fats are Being Burned

  • Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review! The person using the machine will use more than one part of his body because, with elliptical machines, more than one part of the body is basically working. If you compare it to the ordinary workout machines being used by the public, these best elliptical machine workouts are capable of letting the person lose more fat in a shorter period of time.

Have a Low Impact

  • During exercises, the routine basically strains the body, which is also the reason why most why overweight people avoid doing any exercises especially those which are designed to make a person lose weight eventually. Usage of the best elliptical machine workouts can possibly avoid this factor, which is a good thing. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review!
  • The workout machines are low impact which makes them very user-friendly and safe to use with a very less likelihood of getting injured while using the said machine. Basically, most elliptical machines are also perfect for those people who have only started working out recently because of its low impact.

Can be Utilized for a Full Body Exercise.

  • An elliptical machine helps in utilizing the most when it comes to opportunities especially in times of crisis. So instead of using the machine for an exercise to target a specific area of the body, the person who wants to lose weight faster can use the same machine in order to have full body workout. Full exercise is a better choice for the best elliptical machine workouts basically because it can burn almost twice or thrice as many calories as regular workout machines do.

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Important Facts About  Elliptical Trainer

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review! It can sometimes be quite difficult to pick out the best elliptical trainer for your individual workout needs. This is where it becomes very important to get your hand on the best elliptical trainer reviews in the market that will enable you to make a decision on which way to go.

If you have arrived at this website because you are looking for the best elliptical trainer reviews to enable you to make your choice then congratulations because you have made the right decision. Without a doubt, elliptical trainer reviews are really important when you are on the lookout for the best elliptical machines.


Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review! Obviously, there are lots of lots of elliptical reviews out there that it can sometimes be daunting just weaving your way through them. The best elliptical trainer reviews dot org was set up to help you make an informed decision based on other customers experiences.

Important Facts You Need To Look For.

It is imperative that the elliptical machine review that you are looking at is not just sitting on the website on the website of the manufacturer of the product which may not always be unbiased. The best elliptical trainer reviews you will find useful, are normally from other individuals who were in the same place as you are now. Some of these individuals will have the same elliptical trainer workout goals as you do.

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These elliptical trainers are manufactured by a number of different companies such as the Horizon Fitness EX 69 elliptical trainer or the Sole E25 Elliptical trainer to name just two of the top elliptical trainer equipment in the market. These products come with excellent customer reviews from individuals that have used them.

They are not the cheapest but it is important that if you are looking for the best elliptical trainer reviews that you have an open mind so that you can come to the right decision according to Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review.

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What we will be doing the best elliptical trainer reviews dot org is putting together real-life customer reviews of some of the best home elliptical trainer machines around. These fitness elliptical trainer reviews will give you information about what customers like about the best elliptical exercise machine in the market so that you can make an informed decision.

Elliptical Trainer Final Thoughts

These elliptical trainer reviews will be covering various areas like ease of use and the kind of results that other people have got with these elliptical trainers. A lot of people are usually swayed one way or the other by the price of the various models but it is important that you do not only look at the price in isolation but also consider other aspects as well. This is why we believe at the best elliptical trainer reviews dot org that individuals should look at the reviews as a whole before making a choice.

According to Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review sole E55 is made by Sole Fitness and they are manufacturers of the finest fitness equipment you can ever find around. It is true that you would find most of their machines in the top rated hotels all around the world. One of the techniques of the company is to equip their products with perfect features coupled with quality components are affordable prices. This is what is incorporated into their elliptical machines one of which is this E55. Let us have a closer look at this trainer in perspective.

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer Review

One of the great features of the sole E55 machine is that it comes with a 20-inch stride. One of the problems associated with many elliptical machines is that they have short strides because of the cheap components they are made with.

A lot of elliptical machines have 14 inch – 16 inches strides and for this reason, the elliptical motions are somehow restricted. Instead of being elliptical these machines are rather more bouncy and circular.

You would be feeling like walking or even running in the air with this 20-inch stride. The Machines stride is also very comfortable and for those who have a height that is above height, you would fall in love with the longer length of stride this Elliptical machine has.

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Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer has a flywheel that is 30 lb in weight. This machine, therefore, goes a long way to contribute to its quiet and smooth elliptical motion always. You would realize this motion as you start the workout or slow down during the process and it is here that the flywheel would gradually increase or decrease its speed.

This kind of feature is normally found in most of the Elliptical trainer that are costly to purchase. Surely this elliptical machine has a solid appearance and feel and it is very stable for a number of reasons. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer comes with a hefty weight of about 198 lbs.

Another great feature is that helps in making it stable is the 4 rear wheels which normally ride on rails that are heavy duty. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer will give you more stable and smoother feel while at the same time reducing the side-to-side foot pedal motion.

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One feature that actually speaks volumes of the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is the warranty you get which is really extensive. You will get a 2-year labor and 5-year parts warranty for this machine.

This is unrivaled in the industry as there is no company at all that sells an elliptical machine that has a 2-year labor warranty. This is a warranty that suggests that there are no kinds of service issues with this Elliptical trainer.

It is quite hard to notice a manufacturer that places the needs of the consumer highest like Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is the best in quality and engineering and this goes a long way to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

The manual that comes with the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is very much easy to use as it is simple to follow so that you assemble the machine logically.

This machine can be assembled in some few hours and once it is set up you would get all the needed support from this machine. One thing you would notice as you workout with this Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is that it is manufactured to push you all the way as you strive to achieve your fitness goals as quickly as you can.

The controls would let you plan your goals and then the elliptical machine would take over. Sole E55 even works like an automatic personal trainer that challenges you to reach hose fitness foals no matter what it takes. What this means is that Sole E55 is a home gym that is designed to make you sweat by raising the bar of achievement.

Check Price And Get The Best Deal Ever!

You should definitely purchase a Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer to take a special workout at home or in the gym. Sometimes this would mean it is a workout program that would make you whole body strong and healthy. Therefore with the good price of the Elliptical trainer you are surely placed on your paces throughout. This is an Elliptical machine that is capable of producing a workout that would make you achieve all your fitness aspirations easily.


  • Sole E55 Increased its size and weight (from the E35) made the whole thing more durable and enhanced the elliptical experience.
  • Heavy, but quite
  • Rock Solid Stability
  • Good electromagnetic braking system
  • 10 position for the adjustable foot pedal
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Best warranty service in the industry
  • Good customer support by Sole


  • Sometimes makes noise when flywheel heats up (on level 20, at about 1.6 to 1.7 m.p.h. anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes into a session).
  • Cooling fan is not strong enough, and it’s noisy
  • Foot pedal is not  adjustable along the longitudinal axis
  • As it is a front drive elliptical machine, you need to push down” on the foot pedals and put stress on the knees. But this is not a serious issue


It is one of the best cross trainers available under $1,600 with a great warranty. For most adults, it offers an ideal physical fitness and just-right resistance.

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