Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu For Weight Loss 2018

NUTRISYSTEM 5 Day JUMP START Weight Loss Kit, 20 Count

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu plan 2018 has gained a considerable popularity during the past few years. The basic belief of this plan is that a Nutrisystem user will lose 2 to 4 pounds a week and he need not have to take any form of supplements in the diet.


Another great aspect of this diet plan is that there is no need for any support item or additional supplements. It is a complete diet plan and one doesn’t have to worry about the nutrition counts and fitness meetings.

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu

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Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu Customer Review:

  • Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu plan was just okay to me. It teaches portion control to those who may not be sure how much they should eat, and I liked that it was easy to just grab something out of the box to eat. I noticed recently that the Nutrisystem commercials have fine print at the bottom of the screen that says “Weight loss depends on starting weight and adherence to the program”. So I think this program is geared more toward people who need to lose a lot of weight, not just a few pounds.
  • My one-star rating has nothing to do with whether this actually would result in weight loss. My guess is that it would because I was hungry all the time while I was trying it. The problem is that the choices just taste bad so when I’m practically starving myself, it is hard to get motivated to eat this food.
  • The price may seem high, but when you consider buying all the items separately and the fact that you wouldn’t get the variety in the nutrition bars and snacks, as most of those would be in multipacks, it’s actually not too bad. In some ways, I would be going to restaurants instead, and this is a lot cheaper and easier to manage than that. Adding it to my grocery list hasn’t been a huge impact, and helps me make better choices for what else goes into my cart.
  • I’m bumping a star because, as others have stated, the ‘chocolate’ is a bit of a misnomer. It might be fine for someone who likes dark chocolate, but I’m fairly limited on my appetite for chocolate which is Occasional milk chocolate only, so those I can take or leave. It is obviously a diet equivalent, and rather heavy on the cocoa taste. The milk chocolate shakes are an exception; they’re actually very good for a chocolate craving. I’m in my second week, and I think this will be a good starting point to getting me on a good plan.
  • Purchased Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu at Walmart, on sale for $38. I’ve been losing weight for a while now (65 pounds in about 6 months) but hit a plateau; I thought this little jumpstart would change things up and get my body back on the losing pounds track.

Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu

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  • Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu Arrived quickly and the food was okay. Liked the convenience of it but don’t think I would purchase again.
  • The food isn’t that bad, I have only come across one meal that I had to choke down which isn’t a bad hit/miss for diet food.
  • Trouble-free preparation and it is blowing up quickly and eat which matches my busy life. Everything is laid out and simple to pursue.
  • Every meal and every snack is planned for you for 5 days. You don’t have to wonder or plan yourself.
  • In the pack, the foods are mostly tasty and more filling than the portion size
  • The foods that should be heated are simple to get ready in either the microwave or on the stovetop in a pot of boiling water – the microwave method is much simpler.


  • Expectations from a diet food have very little to me, but this is really awful.
  • The only problem was that all the bars were melted. I have had a hard time getting them out of the wrapper.
  • The pizza was a little chewy too, but I ate it.
  • By my calorie counter, the daily allowance is very low. I worry it will crash my metabolism as many days don’t even hit 1200 calories.
  • Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu is relatively expensive. This is food for only 5 days.

 Nutrisystem Jumpstart Kit Menu




Do you want me to keep the pack frozen or refrigerated?


This pack doesn’t need to be refrigerated.


Is it possible to add vegetables to alleviate hunger?


This pack does encourage you to do just that. For me, I found myself adding an apple peanut butter during the day and a salad with dinner. 

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