How To Get Your Mojo Back 2017 (November Update)


How to get your mojo back! Now a days it is very difficult to keep the mojo in your life. People often losing their mojo at work, after divorce, after break up and after having a baby. To get back your mojo after break up, you must start doing the fitness training regularly.

 how to get back mojo

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How to get your mojo back ! Tips


1. At first you have to select your goal

“You should select your goals first and your goal should always be realistic and attainable. Goals are what get you out of bed and into the gym day after day. This is your goal that keeps you on your nutrition plan, even when it hurts.”

2. Make a Routine

When taking a trip you need a plan and  a route to accomplish your tour. For achieving fitness mojo the same thing is true.


You will need right plan and Routine so that you can do your workouts effectively in order to achieve your fitness mojo and goal quickly.

3. Remember the bad times

Sometimes, when you feel the lacking of desire to keep pushing, you must think back to when and why you first started on his fitness mojo journey.

4. Find the new friends

You should surround yourself with good minded individuals. These friends will definitely help you and push you to be better and help you stick to your training days and diet.

They can encourage you when you’re down. They will keep you focused—and you can do the same for them.”

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5. Keep your motivation alive

Keep your motivation alive by rewarding yourself for your every little achievement, discipline and consistency.

Sometimes the main key to success is doing something nice for yourself when you reach a difficult goal. And if you fail, get up and try it again.”

6. Wake up early in the morning

How to get your mojo back! Waking up early in the morning is a very good habit for your fitness mojo.Fresh air in the morning will lift your mood up and it will remain whole day long.

so always try to wake up early in the morning it helps to get your mojo back.You can buy any fitness product to get some more assistance in  your workouts.


7. Sunlight Hormone

Sunlight is very essential to produce vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D is essential for your health.

Vitamin D is not just a vitamin rather its a steroid hormone and it helps for proper digestion, food absorption, sugar utilization and maintaining insulin balance.

how to get your mojo back

So Sunlight and vitamins is the key to maintain your energy levels and helps to keep your fitness mojo.You should go out in sunlight for at least 30 minutes every day without any sunscreen or sunglasses.

UV light helps your eyes to promote serotonin release that will lift your mood, regulate appetite. This sunlight again helps for quality sleep, mood stability, immunity and healthy body.


8. Oxygen in the Energizer

How to get your mojo back! Oxygen in a great energizer. The more oxygen you have in your body the more energy you will gain to do anything.
You should plat trees around your hose and practice deep breathing , meditation , yoga and aerobic exercise so that you can boost oxygen level in your body. It will make your blood circulation better as well.

9. Sufficient sound sleep:

Sufficient sleep helps your body to rest and rebuild that will make you refreshed and restored keep fitness mojo.Try to sleep at regular time and make your room as dark as possible you can wear a sleeping mask if it is not dark enough.

A Quality sleep definitely helps your immunity, physical health, mental health and your fitness mojo will definitely boost.

10. Exercise is great tool

Exercise is a great tool to become healthy and successful. Exercise helps your body in blood circulation, oxygenation and digestion.

You should take high fiber diet, increase water consumption and exercise daily  to bet back your mojo.



How to get your mojo back! is a great article to find yourself again in your life. It is really important to make a good  effort to gain your good health and mental peace. Life without fitness or good health is like heal. So, try to follow  above things, and you will become fit again.

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