Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review 2018

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

For better and easy workout results check out the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review. This trainer has all the latest technology including surround sound speakers with MP3 compatibility and even a built-in fan to keep you cool whilst training. There’s also a huge 10 levels of resistance that allow you to perform lots of different workouts on the one machine.

This Elliptical machine has SIXStar certification. This means it combines six key elements. This elements are used to create a machine with a smooth and natural feel whilst in use. All these elements have been specially targeted to ensure a low impact workout can be achieved, without putting any unnecessary pressure on parts of the body.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

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  • The Horizon EX-59 has Ergonomic pedal spacing
  • You can buy at Low price with good quality
  • It has 18″ stride
  • It provides good warranty
  • This machine has ptimal arm bar spacing
  • Moving arm bars are also included
  • It is iPod-compatible
  • Capacity of user weight is 275 pounds
  • 10 built-in workouts
  • Water bottle holder is available with this trainer
  • Tablet computer holder


Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

  • Has SIXStar certification to ensure a smooth workout. 10 different resistance levels allow for various workouts. Surround sound speakers that allow for MP3 connectivity.
  • Easy to use console that will track all necessary data. Heavy duty flywheel means smooth movement.
  • When you look closely at all the features and benefits of this elliptical machine, it’s clear to see why it is so popular.
  • A lot of thought and planning has gone into the machine to ensure it gives the best benefits to the users. This includes a carefully designed frame and stride system that feels more natural than other elliptical trainers.
  • Overall the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer is one of the most comfortable and sturdy trainers on the market. It has lots of features that you won’t find on other machines yet its price is still very competitive with other machines.
  • So if you want a machine that delivers on quality and price, then look closely at the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer review.
  • Judging by the online ratings left by customers, it offers a great workout experience.
  • One buyer wrote that he purchased the EX-59 so that he could still get the benefits of running without damaging his knees. He said that he really likes the fan and that he hasn’t enjoyed exercise this much in years.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

  • Another buyer wrote that it is a very nice elliptical for the price. This Trainer offers a very smooth ride and has the right amount of features to keep things interesting.
  • She reported that she likes how sturdy it is compared to other brands, saying that she doesn’t have to worry about going full force on it.
  • Multiple other customers wrote that, for the price, there aren’t many ellipticals that offer such a smooth ride and provide so many bells and whistles.
  • If you are in the market for a great, cost-effective elliptical, the Horizon Fitness EX-59 is a smart buy.

Benefits Of Using this Trainer 

Elliptical Cross Trainers are the fitness equipment of the future. This is for a number of reasons but most especially for its aerobic and health benefits that are second to known.

Natural stride

The beauty of the elliptical machine is that it combines the natural stride of the treadmill with the darn simple nature of the stair climber.

Simulates walking and running

When you are using the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer, it simulates walking and running without the impact.

Complete body workout.

The handles that come with the elliptical machines enable you to have a complete body workout.

Works on the most useful areas of your body.

Elliptical Trainers exercise produce less impact on the joints when compared with jogging or running. This equipment perhaps works on the most useful areas of your body.

More Features

Lose weight without any harm

With respect to the best elliptical trainer you have, you’re going to get a complete workout which will lose weight with no harm.

Easy to workout

Have you ever ineffective any moment on the fitness treadmill machine you are aware how tough they may be on your joints and also someday legs. As the soles hit your home treadmill strip that briefly halts then slides in advance just before that remains to proceed rear nearer.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

Actual Gear can be restricted

You’ll be able to restrict the actual gear on the fitness treadmill machine nevertheless it will quickly return in order to fall once again.This all injuries creating anxiety will be lacking if you use the elliptical exercise machine.

home elliptical trainers Exercising over an elliptical-machine continues to be referred to through procedure upon atmosphere to perform around any water bed.

Provide the higher workout

It lets you do sense unusual initially you are taking any kind of elliptical-machine for the period.No require much time to be able to happen for you to glance at the each of the features of while using elliptical–machine.

Nearly all elliptical exercise machines include manages that will relocate marriage along with your beat to provide the higher workout your treadmill machines need.There’s one more steer which elliptical exercise machines get above fitness treadmills and that’s “reduced experienced utilize.In .

Helps to lose weight fast

Scientific study has attempted to place an impression on it but it’s difficult to describe. Fundamentally whenever you routine over an elliptical trainer anyone use-up more calories together with the much less noticeable experienced break.

Using a new elliptical exercise machine with an hr could happen for your requirements to train on a good deal of a few vitality as compared to stress an hour or so with a fitness treadmill machine.As a result of a person usually composition a lot more greatly along with lengthier over an elliptical machine.

Why you should buy this elliptical trainer 

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer ReviewNo operating inclusion wires.

Should you be looking to get an attribute slice of home-based result equipment you are unable to defeat the elliptical–machine. Compared to a treadmill machine any elliptical-machine features a small imprint and a lot of designs could collapsible pertain to store. Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical machines get subtracting proper and several acquire simply no energy whatsoever permitting them to always be placed almost a spot inside your home with no operating inclusion wires.

Simple and easy to use

Furthermore, several elliptical trainers have got tires but it is simpler to proceed your automaton from degree to a different. Ahead of getting any kind of elliptical exerciser tutor, it is very important to invest time to tribulation the particular zombie.

Twenty motion

Commit from merest Twenty motion in the items that you will be taking into consideration. Perform the review inside words regarding stability. Moreover, zero get worried precisely what best elliptical trainer you are looking for you ought to think a long manufacturer’s warranty.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer ReviewThe cross-trainer on this charge restriction may well be more battling along with reputable.

Greater warranty

Additionally, they can have numerous precious functions such as extended step piece, much more result applications, comfy gearshift and a lot commonly a greater warranty.

Most precious programs

Lots of people make a mistake of shopping for a lower life expectancy android mobile phone and discover that will rapidly neglect as well as working with customer wedding ceremony turns into a pain. In all of the baggage, you can purchase one of the most precious programs that you could available.


These Elliptical machines possess handlebars just like a bike that you could grip while cycling by making use of the elliptical machine pedals. The speed of the elliptical machines is designed to be adjusted easily to suit the individual.


If you are highly motivated to burn your extra calories, then you must follow the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review. And this Horizon Fitness Ex-59 should be your first choice. Here you can control the speed of the elliptical machines and can hold the handlebars. If you suffer from joint pain, these machines are the perfect option for you. Hope these few facts help to make your mind up.

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