What Is Inversion Therapy Good For (2018)

The Upsidedown therapy or Inversion therapy is a method where you are hanging inverted to relieve back pain and stretch the spine. This therapy works by shifting the body’s gravity, easing the pressure off the back and providing the traction for the spine.

This upside down therapy is best for those people who are suffering from sciatica, poor circulation, scoliosis and chronic lower back pain. It is a technique of being upside down while hanging by the ankle or feet in order to have the therapeutic benefits.

It is a form of spinal decompression and spinal traction. For upside-down crunches and squats ankle supported gravity boots are designed for inversion therapy or inverted squats and crunched.

Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table reviews 2018

Does inversion therapy really work?

Many research on inversion therapy shows that it really prevents spine and back problems. A research was done on 50 people with constant lower back pain with inversion therapy.

They took inversion therapy for three minutes at the different position. And the research found that this therapy lessens lower back pain at 60 degrees after eight weeks. The strength and torso flexibility was also developed due to this inversion therapy.

The circulatory and stretching benefit prevents the future health and fitness issues. Inversion exercises really help the spine by decreasing inflammation, developing more protective fluids around spinal discs, removing waste from the spine and developing  blood circulation through nearby muscles

Key benefits of inversion therapy.

Relieving back pain may be your first reason to consider inversion therapy. But there are additional 7 important health benefits that many people get from inversion therapy. They are as follows:

1. Developed spinal health

This upside down therapy improves the gap between spinal discs and reduces pressure. Activities like running, sitting and bending create pressure on the spinal discs. This spinal discs pressure creates back pain and other complications. Studies reported that the stretching on inversion devices is a beneficial treatment for back pain.

2. Maintains your height.

Hanging upside down regularly will help you to avoid the shrinkage that is occurred due to gravity. This gravity hampers the growth of your height. But regular inversion exercise will stretch your body and maintain your height.

3. Improves circulation.

Inversion therapy helps to improve blood circulation by working against the gravity. It also helps to clear the lymphatic system faster and reduce the pain and aches of stiff muscles.

4. Relieves stress.

Full-body stretches through inversion therapy relieve the stress and relax the body. Regular inversion exercise improves the blood circulation and relaxes the body muscles. In this process, you will be able to get a sound sleep.

5. Realigns the spine after workouts.

Different activities like running, playing tennis and aerobic exercise may cause spine misalignment. During inversion therapy, these minor misalignments are corrected and realign the spine. This misalignment is the main cause of back pain and spine problem. But through the upside down exercise this misalignment of the spine is realigned and then you will become free from the back pain.

6. More body flexibility

Taking inversion therapy with inversion table or other inversion devices increases better body flexibility. The little upside down movements help to make body flexible and improve posture. If you do desk job then inversion therapy is really helpful.

7. Prevents disability from the back problem

Inversion therapy prevents disability from back and spine problems. People those who are suffering from lumber disease may not need any surgery after using this therapy for six weeks. But it is essential to note that spine and back problems are complex. Inversion therapy works differently for each people. So you should take advice from your doctor before practicing inversion exercise.

Inversion therapy devices

There are different inversion therapy techniques and devices. The inversion exercise totally depends on the inversion equipment. Here are the 5 types of inversion devices that are used for inversion therapy.

1. Inversion tables

From the ancient period, these inversion tables are used for inversion therapy but before it was in a shape of an inversion bench. Inversion table helps to stretch the back and correct the minor misalignment. While purchasing inversion table, you should choose it according to your requirements. Inversion tables are mainly good for abs crunches and torso rotations.

2. Aerial yoga swing

Aerial yoga swing is also called as yoga hammock or trapeze. It helps to do the inversion or aerial yoga moves. This aerial yoga swing is great inversion equipment. With the help of aerial yoga swing or hammock, you can do difficult yoga moves easily. Inversion table and yoga swing are the best devices for inversion equipment. You can get yoga swing from the local market and from the online shop. You must select yoga swing according to your weight and needs.

3. Inversion chairs

This inversion chairs are like inversion table. The Main difference between inversion chair and table is that a person will have to sit instead of stand. Different model and brand offer different facilities. Be careful while purchasing this inversion chair and choose according to your needs.

4. Gravity boots

These gravity inversion boots for ankles are designed to work with inversion equipment. It helps to hang upside down easily.

5. Alternative inversion technique

You may also be able to get the benefits of inversion therapy through different yoga practices. These include:

  • headstands
  • shoulder stands
  • handstands
  • Plow Pose

But for this yoga moves, you will need the guidance of a good certified yoga instructor.


Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, eye diseases (like glaucoma), and heart disease or are pregnant, should consult with doctors about the inversion therapy first. The doctor will help you to determine if this inversion therapy is good for you or not.

Another thing is when someone tries the inversion therapy for the first time with gravity must take the help of someone standing by. Beginners should try this therapy carefully and take the assistance of others. At last, we can say that inversion therapy is a great technique for back pain relief and other benefits. Regular inversion exercise will make you flexible and strong day by day.

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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise (Secret Tips)

how to lose weight without exercise fast at home

We all know that regular workouts are very difficult but there are many proven tips that can assist you to lose weight fast at home.

Here are 11 ways of how to lose weight fast at home without exercise and it is based on science. Team Fitnessmojo doing research on this topics.

Have a Try:

11 Ways to lose weight without exercise Secret Tips

1. Eating Fewer Calories:

While eating the calories should be maintained. Eating fewer calories will definitely lose your weight without exercise.

2. Chew Thoroughly:

Your brain requires time to think that you’ve eaten enough. You should chew your food better and slowly.

It will help to decrease food intake and increase fullness. How much times you take to finish your meals also affect your weight.

According to a research, it is proven that if you eat fast you will gain more weight than the slower eaters.

Those who eat fat are also more likely to be fat. If you eat more slowly, this may help you to eat less food.

The main thing is eating food slowly can make you feel good with little calories. This is an easy and proven way to weight loss and stops weight gain without exercise.

3. Using Small Plates of Junk Foods

how to lose weight without exercise fast at home

Using a small plate may assist you to eat less by making the meal look larger.

On the other hand, eating on a bigger plate makes a meal look smaller that can make you add and eat more food.

When eating on smaller plates can make you think that you’re eating more food than you actually have eaten.

4. Eat Plenty of Protein

How to lose weight without exercise fast at home! Take the protein that has strong effects on appetite and overall health.

It increases the feeling of fullness, reduces the hunger and will help you to eat fewer calories.

Some protein-rich foods are fish, chicken breasts, lentils, quinoa, and almonds.

5. Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Storing unhealthy foods may increase hunger that can make you eat more. This also causes fat if you store unhealthy foods.

One recent research shows that if unhealthy and high-calorie foods are visible and available in the house, then you will eat higher calorie foods compared to the people who keep low-calorie food like fruits and vegetables.

How to lose weight without exercise fast at home! Keep healthy foods available and visible on your countertops and middle in your fridge. You will eat more these high in calorie food and become fatter.

6. Eating Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber-rich foods are very helpful to lose weight without exercise.

Special kind of fiber like viscous fiber is very helpful for losing weight.

It will increase fullness and reduce food intake. You can also try the Nutrisystem.

Viscous fiber creates a gel when it mixes with water. This gel helps to reduce the hunger. You can get the viscous fiber only in plant foods.

It includes beans, oranges, asparagus, and flax seeds. A viscous fiber supplement for weight loss named glucomannan can be very helpful in losing weight.

bottle water

7. Drinking Water

Drinking water regularly can help you to eat less food and lose weight. It will work better if you drink water before a meal.

If you drink calorie-loaded drinks such as juice with water, you may have a greater effect.

8. Serve Smaller Portions

Larger portions inspire people to eat more food, and that leads increasing in weight gain.

If you can take just a little portion might help you eat less food. And you won’t even notice the difference.

9. Eat Without Electronic Distractions

How to lose weight without exercise! While eating you must pay attention to what you are eating and that might help you to eat fewer calories. Those who eat while they’re watching TV may forget how much they are eating. This can facilitate overeating.


10. Have a good sleep Well

Stress and sleep both have strong effects on your appetite. You can’t neglect this stress and sleep.

Lack of sleep may hamper the appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin.

When you’re stressed cortisol hormone becomes elevated which create appetite problem.

So lack of sleep and full of stress increase your hunger and may encourage you to take unhealthy food.

Lack of sleep may increase the risk of many diseases and also increase weight and stress.

11. Eliminate Sugary Drinks

How to lose weight without exercise fast at home! Sugary drinks like soda have been connected with many diseases and weight gain as well.

It’s very easy to take excess calories from sugary made drinks because liquid calories don’t affect hunger like solid food does.

Avoiding these beverages fully can provide long-term health benefits. If you take sugar regularly it can make you fat.

Because sugar hampers the calories burn system. The less you take sugar the more your body burn the fat. So avoiding sugary drinks will definitely lose some weight from your body than before.

Bonus: Secret Weight Lose Recipe Video Tips


Nowadays, it’s a common question that how to lose weight without exercise fast at home. Losing weight without exercise is much easier than with exercise. Take good care of your health as you know health is wealth. And remember one thing that whatever success you made in your life, the biggest success is your good health.

If you achieve good health then you are successful in your life. Best of luck. It is not hard to achieve. You don’t need to go for heard workouts, just keep following the above tips, you will definitely lose weight fast at home without doing any hard work.

So take good food, sleep well and wake up early in the morning – you will be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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How to Increase Height Using an Inversion Table 2018

inversin tableIf you are searching for How to Increase Height Using an Inversion Table, then your at the right place.

Well, You can easily and safely grow taller by a best home gym equipment and its name is Inversion Table. An inversion table allows you to hang upside down partially or fully.

When you are hanging on an inversion table, it will decompress your spine and make you grow taller through maximum stretching.

Checkout Best Inversion Tables

How Inversion Table Works To Increase Height

Basically stretching and decompression creates space between the vertebrae, realigns your spine and improves posture. This is how inversion table works to help you grow taller with better posture. This best home gym equipment 2018 also helps to improve conditions like lordosis and oscillating. Hanging on an inversion table also increases the flow of blood and releases muscle tension safely.

How to increase height using a inversion table

What I like about Inversion Table

A Best inversion table offers you all the benefits in a safe way which is not possible with any other machine.

In ancient people used to do this upside down exercise through just putting the head on the floor supporting the leg on the wall or tree which is very dangerous for health and not safe.

But this best inversion equipment has made this exercise a lot easier and more effective that’s what I love about inversion table very much. And with the combination of all the benefits, it definitely helps to grow tall at your maximum height.

Step 1

Adjust the height of the inversion table for 2 to 3 inches then you are and adjust the pin to align the hole with the preferred height and push the lock pin.

Step 2

Place your back against the backrest pad and your feet through the rollers on the foot assembly. And then secure your feet by moving the rollers as close together as you can. Pull out the pull pin, slide the top rollers down and replace the pin, or see your manual if your table does not have a pull pin.

Step 3

Adjust the safety strap underneath the backrest pad to the shortest length possible if you are a beginner. This will keep you from being able to accidentally invert more than you are ready for.

Use trial and error to figure out the exact distance of the strap and the height setting as your height and weight will affect the ideal settings of the table for your body.

Step 4

Lie back on the machine and once you feel ready, raise one arm so the machine moves backward to approximately 20 to 30 degrees. Remain relaxed in this position for a few minutes.

Step 5

Get off the inversion table and increase the angle to 60 degrees when you are ready. Lengthen the safety strap and get back on the table in the same position as before. Raise both arms to invert to 60 degrees.

Step 6

Lower and raise your arms alternatively to make the table oscillate. Perform gentle oscillations and inversion for a few minutes at a time, two to three times a day.

Some Important Tips About How to Increase Height Using an Inversion Table

  • Eventually, you will want to invert to 90 degrees if you have tense back, leg or spine muscles that are making your shorter.
  • Improving your posture and maintaining proper alignment of your spine will be better achieved by using the inversion table and performing correct posture exercises.
  • Consult a physician, physical therapist or personal trainer for help developing a comprehensive program.

Warnings about using an inversion table

  • Always consult your doctor before inverting. Inversion increases blood pressure. There are many conditions that if you have mean you should not do inversion.
  • These include, but are not limited to, pregnancy, high blood pressure, glaucoma, osteoporosis, obesity and cerbal sclerosis.
  • You should not use an inversion table if you are taking anticoagulants, or have an ear infection, according to SportsInjuryClinic.net.

Here Are Some Other Inversion Equipment To Increase Height

Best Gravity Inversion Boots 2018

How gravity inversion boots works

Checkout Best Gravity Inversion Boots 

Best Aerial Yoga Swing 2018


YOGABODY Naturals Yoga Trapeze Yoga Swing

Checkout Best Aerial Yoga Swings

10 Best Stomach Fat Burning Exercises At Home 2018

Best stomach fat burning exercises at home! Who does not dream of a flat belly or even a Six-Pack Abs! The dream of a flat belly or six pack abs workout is possible for everyone if you follow right process and pick perfect tools. Best stomach fat burning exercises (abdominal muscle training) at home is a part of whole bodybuilding training.

What is Abs?

Most of the people think ‘abs’ is the muffin top that blooms over the top when the Pant is too-tight.

But abs/abdominals includes the many interconnected muscles that run up the back and stretch down to the butt and the front and inner thighs. In short, Abdominals is a set of muscles that are connected to each other like a core.

Here is some interesting simple to killer moves for your core workouts. If you are overweight you will become slimmer. If you are skinny you will become muscular.

Here are the 10 Best Stomach Fat Burning Exercises

  1. Running– The Best way to burn whole body fat.
  2. Walking – It is also a good stomach fat burning exercise.
  3. Push-up – Push up exercise is good for arm, chest, and Abs.
  4. Indoor Cycling – You can burn a lot of fat through Indoor cycling
  5. Swimming – A good exercise for cardio and stomach.
  6. Bicycle Exercise– It is also a great stomach fat burning exercise.
  7. Pull-ups and Chin-ups– It’s a great workout for abs muscle making
  8. Yoga ball exercises – You can do great workouts with this yoga ball.
  9. Kettlebell exercises – Kettlebell is also helpful in doing Abs exercises.
  10. Crunches – It is important to make abdominal muscles effectively and fast.

Here are the top 4 crunches that are best for stomach fat burning.

  • Twist Crunches
  • Side Crunch
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Vertical Leg CrunchExpert Tips

best stomach fat burning exercises at home

Before starting “Stomach fat burning exercises at home” you need to do warm-ups because without warming up any exercise can be very risky. Aerobic exercise helps to do cardio exercise and warming up.

Yoga ball Exercise

A yoga exercise ball is a great tool for stomach fat burning exercise. Here are some recommended yoga ball tools for you.

Kettlebell Exercises

Abstraction in combination with a Kettlebell Workout is an important component of any successful health training program. The Kettlebell is an extremely powerful training tool for improving one’s body composition. The Kettlebell workout is perfect for home and the workouts are short and intense. Ideal if you have a busy life and have little time left to go to the gym. More information about Kettlebell Workout for men is available here.

Home Gym Equipment To Burn The Stomach Fat

The abs muscle with the back muscles forms the backbone of the skeleton. It is responsible for the stability, balance, and attitude of the body. If you want a perfect shape of your body and even six-pack abs you may need some best home gym tools or equipment.

This home gym machine makes body fat almost literally melt without diet or aerobics. If you are overweight you will become slimmer. If you are skinny you will become muscular. Check out these Fitness Equipments link given below:

  1. Gaiam Backless Classic Balance Ball Chair: For yoga ball workouts
  2. Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer: Specially designed for Abs workouts.
  3. Best Battle Ropes: Burn your stomach fat fast with these Battle Ropes.
  4. Best Adjustable Dumbbells: You need a good weight bench to do the dumbbell workouts perfectly.
  5. Best Treadmill: Good for cardio and stomach exercise. You can do head cardio workouts in your own home with this Treadmill.
  6. Inversion Table: It is for inversion therapy and also great equipment for stomach fat burning. You can easily do the upside down crunches using this great inversion table.
  7. Trampoline – It can be a great abdominal workout for you and your whole family. It burns a lot of fat on your abs when you jump on this Trampoline.
  8. Recumbent bike: It is also a good workout tool for cardio and very effective for stomach fat burning. The recumbent bike makes cardio training easy and comfortable because it has a good sitting capacity. This sitting facility helps to take rest and avoid back pain during exercise.
  9. Aerial yoga swing: Best tool for aerial yoga. Aerial yoga swing can help you to do different aerial yoga moves easily. It’s also a good equipment for inversion therapy.
  10. Elliptical Trainer: This trainer helps to get full body workout and can burn a lot of fat from your whole body within a short period of time.


Combining abs and strength training, therefore, requires some planning. In order to achieve maximum results, more training is not by definition better. Keeping the Fitness Mojo is also important. If you are losing your Fitness Mojo then get it back.

Less training but qualitative and planning better often gives more success.

In order to lose weight, you will have to eat fewer calories, but be healthy and responsible. This reduces stomach fat and overall weight. To give an extra boost, you must also move/exercise more.

The ideal way of losing fast and responsible weight is less food(Nutrisystme 2018) and more fat burned.

So get away with the kilos and start the training to get a tight belly in a short period of time, lose weight and burn fat.

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8 Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Equipment

Exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment. This article is for those people who are not quite fond of the idea of getting inside a gym and do machine workouts.  We The Fitness Mojo team have chosen a list of exercises that you can do easily at home without equipment.

Have a quick look—

Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home Without Equipment

1. Squats
2. Skipping Exercise
3. Push-ups
4. Back dips
5. Pull-ups
6. Running
7. Swimming
8. Yoga

For best fitness result here we have given some freehand exercise tips for you. We hope it will help you a lot

Best Freehand Exercises

Where free-weight or machine exercises are inaccessible freehand exercises help to keep the body fit. Freehand exercises are those exercises that are done without weights or machines which can be done at park or home.

To build your muscular and cardiovascular strength rather than moving weight plates, freehand exercises use your body weight as the resistance.

You can do this exercise outside the gym without the help of any equipment. Some exercises require props you can find at the park or in your home. Equipment-free exercises help you to get fitness and strength.

Before free hand exercise some basic things that you should know

Food choices – how you fuel your body—are more important than your workout choices. So, healthy eating habits are very important than your workout routine.
Proper rest – It is the key to reset physically and mentally. So you have to make sure one full day rest at least.
Give your 100% – You have to push yourself in every exercise you do and give it 100% the full time.
Enjoy your exercise – You should find an exercise that you enjoy. An exercise that makes you happy is really vital to lose weight and get your fitness mojo back.

Here are the 8 workouts that will help you to lose weight soon.

best long yoga mat

Top 8 Exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment

1. Squats (knee bends):

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your hips (almost like you’re sitting in a chair). As you bend your knees, your thighs will be parallel with the floor.

Your knees should be beyond your toes and your chest up and look straight ahead. Stand back up to start position and repeat.

Exercise to lose weigh fast without equipment 2018-2019

You can do these 6 fabulous new ways squats which will work your butt muscles better than any amount of cardio! You should not do the same type of squats every time you workout.

2. Skipping Exercise:

One of the best free hand exercises to lose weight for both women and men. It is easy and simple to do. It is one of the best solutions to how to lose weight.

Take your jump rope and jump for 40 seconds. For the first 30 seconds you have to do normal jumps and then go to a hard one.

By the end of this session, you will be hot enough to sweat. While jumping always keep your back and knees in a straight line. This wonderful 5-minute fat burning exercise will give you the best outcome. You must try it. This exercise is best to do in the morning on a bare stomach. An hour before this exercise one glasses of water will facilitate you to flush the toxins out.

This is an exercise which will help you lose weight fast and get back the fitness mojo. You can take this jump rope for skipping exercise.

Skipping for weight loss

3. Push-ups:

This exercise is excellent for the chest and triceps. Place hands shoulder-width apart. Keep the body perfectly aligned. Lower your body to the floor, allowing your chest to touch the floor. Push steadily, like a piston.

Do it as many times as you can. If you find it difficult do half push-ups touching your knees on the floor. And that works. Push-ups move uses multiple muscle groups for maximum growth and strengthens the shoulder joints.

Push-ups for weight loss

4. Back dips on the weight bench:

Usually, back dips are done on a dip bar, with the exerciser’s hands supporting his or her entire body weight.

Exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment

For better result, weights can be added by use of a dip belt, weighted vest. Dumbbell may also be held between the knees or ankles. Back dips on the weight bench holding the hand back is the best back dips example.


  • Basically back dips is performed on a bench and a footstool.
  • First, you have to place a bench behind yourself and rest on it with your hands. Place your legs straight out in front of you. You may also place them at an elevated level as shown above.
  • Then Slowly bend your elbows keeping the rest of your body straight. Be sure to keep your elbows back and close together. ‘Dip’ down until you feel a stretch in the triceps.
  • After that slowly extend your arms raising your body back up. Pause and contract your triceps muscles at the top. Then you have to pause and repeat the movement.

5. pull-ups

A pull-up is an upper-body compound pulling exercise in order to develop the upper body.

Although it can be performed with any grip. But to use a pull-up/ chin-up bar is best to do pull-ups and that will give you more result as there are many grip position.

A pull up bar is one of the best home gym equipment. You can develop your upper body fast and it also burns lost calories which will also help to lose weight fast as well.

Exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment

Pull-up is the kind of exercise that takes control of your body in your own hands. At the time of doing pull-up/ chin-up then ultimately you lifting your own body weight every time you pull yourself up, using nothing but your arms.

This exercise transforms your upper body into something really special.
Every time you do a pull-up it’s a literal cliffhanger moment. The upper body strength and control is the ability to pull your entire body weight up and then do it again and again.

Checkout Best Pull-up Bar

Pull up exercise is difficult to do, just like any other bodyweight exercise, there is no weight control. There is no way for you to make it easier – you weigh as much as you weigh, the gravity of planet Earth is still pulling you down so the only thing you can control here is your own strength. When you get stronger pull up becomes easier.

You can build up your upper body through pull up but in the beginning, it is very tough even if you can do one pull up first then that one pull up is enough as a body pulling its entire body weight up.

Day by day you will be stronger and your body will do more pull-ups later. You should have complete control over your body to clear the bar every time you pull yourself up and lower yourself down all the way to count it as one rep.

You must work on your back from day one. At the time of doing pull-ups first, your arms are weak and your body weight drags you down, so you end up hanging around your neck.

You have to bring your back muscles into play, as you begin your pull-up, it’s important to bring your neck out of that ‘well’ by slightly shrugging your shoulders and arching your back.

There are different types of pull-ups. At first, you can do close grip ones with your hands held at about shoulder length or you can take a wider grip.

When you hold the bar wider the more you will work your back. For the V-shaped back, you should take wider grip every time.

6. Running

Running is a kind of cardiovascular training which strengthens the lungs and heart. This is one of the best free hand exercises which simultaneously burn calories and toning leg muscles.

With intervals, alternate back and forth between high and low intensity. Then run fast for the better result.

Running is the kind of cardio. Even running for10 minutes reduces drastically the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. It also reduces stress and improves blood circulation.
Regular runners have less chance of dying from heart sickness than never – runners.

If you feel stressed go for a run you will definitely feel better. It has so many mental health benefits. They are given below.

Some Health Benefits of Running

  • Running sharpens your memory
  • It decreases the symptoms of depression
  • It also Improves your learning abilities
  • Running  protects the brain from aging
  • This exercise also alleviates anxiety
  • Running helps you sleep better than before
  • Creativity also increases through running
  • This exercise decreases cravings for unhealthy foods and substances
  • Running also helps the brain heal from substance abuse as well.
  • It also helps to boosts self-esteem

Exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment


7. Swimming


In an hour, swimming can burn over 700 calories. It works on all of your key muscle groups. Swimming is a kind of workout that can be done without a sweat. Those who don’t like sweat while doing exercise swimming is the best option for them. In swimming heart gets a great workout keeping you cool.

This exercise is fun and helps to feel relax. Swimming is better in warm water; it has a good effect on painful muscles and joint.

8. Yoga with best yoga mat

Yoga is also one of the best free hand exercises but yoga alone isn’t a great workout for weight loss. Yoga helps you to build strength, increase flexibility and it also helps to focus and relax your mind.
For warm up first sit cross-legged on the floor, back straight and hands relaxed in your lap.

Then close your eyes and breathe deeply and evenly through your nose for two minutes. After that slowly bend your torso from side to side for 15 breaths and exhale to each side. You can buy a yoga mat to perform yoga better.

yoga exerciseConclusion:

So these are the few Best exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment. But if you want to get the help of some simple equipment check here. So Just buckle up now and start your amazing weight loss journey with these simple exercises. Share your experience in the comment below.

Buy Best Yoga Mat From Amazon

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Why You Need Your Own Home Gym!

Ever since I can remember, if you wanted to get in shape, you hit “the gym.” You would go out, buy a membership to some place or go to your high school, and start pumping iron. Maybe this idea got seared into my head from my football coaches or from watching too much TV, but either way it shaped my fitness for a long time. I always had these grand ideas about getting in ridiculous shape and having a jacked body, but my gym experiences never really amounted to much. Here was a typical gym experience:

Why You Need Your Own Home Gym

I show up and I’m already rushed because I’m doing this between classes and I’m trying to fit this in or I’m extremely tired because I woke up early to come do a workout. I walk in and smell that nauseating stench of rubber and sweat. I don’t mind sweating, but I’m not a fan of other people’s sweat. I look around and see a maze of different pieces of equipment. I venture over to the free weights because it’s open and quite frankly they’re the only things in here that I know how to use.

I do a few curls while staring into a gigantic mirror feeling intimidated by the reflection of the juggernaut-of-a-man next to me. After that I walk around for a bit trying not to make eye contact with anyone before finally deciding to hit the treadmill for a few minutes. I get on only to notice the mom before me has made it slippery with her perspiration. I jog for a few minutes and then remember that I have a huge assignment due the next morning, so I hop off and head in for a quick shower with a bunch of naked old guys before I drive home feeling slightly accomplished with myself.

Sound familiar to anyone?

I decided that I needed something a little different. I had made an assumption in my mind that if I was to get in shape, I had to do it in a very specific way, but that was only because I didn’t have a goal in mind.

Here’s the reality: without a goal, your workout experience of any kind will fail. However, finding a goal can be tough. I looked at the kind of fitness I thought I wanted and decided to pursue that. My biggest factor was that I wanted to be functional. If I was too big, I couldn’t run, and if I ran too much I probably wouldn’t be super strong. I looked at actors, NFL players, rock stars, and a few other high profile groups to find out who seemed the most balanced. I finally decided that out of all these groups of in-shape people, I wanted to try and be like a Navy SEAL. I decided that they looked like they had the most functional fitness out of anyone I thought of, so I went ahead and started training.

Thinking back to my gym experiences, I knew I needed to do something differently. Out of this grew my home gym and all the workouts that go with it. After several years of this style of working out, I developed a functional fitness plan that really requires very little gym equipment.

The most important part of this plan is the ability to stay disciplined and workout on your own instead of having to go to a gym to be motived. To be completely honest, it was tough at first, and still is tough, but I can tell you from experience that once you find the discipline to push yourself like this on your own, it creates a confidence that you can take anywhere. I used to hate going on vacations because it would mess up my workout schedule, but now I thrive on it. Once I opened up my mind, I realized that my fitness workouts were limited to my imagination.

Okay, so far this has all been background: Let’s get to the workouts.

Here are my favorite workouts with my favorite equipment:

 Weighted Lunges

Equipment Needed: Backpack, Rocks, and Determination.

All you have to do is find a backpack of any kind, fill it to your desired weight, (I normally do around 50 lbs), and start walking.

I would start with about 200 lunges counting every step and then go up 100 every other day until you get to 1000. This is a monster workout that has increased my overall fitness like crazy. Plus, I can take it anywhere I want.

Don’t have a backpack? No problem. Just pick up a rock or a log and hold it in front of you. That’ll give you a killer bicep burn to follow up your shaky legs for the day.

Rock Throw Burpees

Equipment Needed: Rock. Log. Barf Bag.

For this workout, find a nice stretch of dirt road or just go in your backyard. Start with the rock at your feet and do a burpee beginning with the pushup. When you come up, pick up the rock and go into a full goblet squat and then explode up and throw the rock as far as possible. Slow jog over to the object and repeat a couple hundred times. This will greatly increase your functional fitness and give you a total body workout. Also you might find that after a few throws you have the need to yack. Go for it. Purge the fast food from your body. Feel the freedom.

Body Weight Circuit

Equipment Needed: A Tree. The Ground. Your Body

This one is pretty simple. There’s no better way to get in shape than to use your own body. Decide on a desired number of pushups, situps, squats, and pull-ups to do and then do them. Do this literally anywhere. Find a nice tree limb or roof overhang sturdy enough and get to work. Yes, you might hurt your hands a little on some rough bark, but isn’t the point to get tougher? Just keep going until you hit your numbers or until the time expires. You’ll feel refreshed and centered after spending some time getting after it with nature.

Even though I love home gyms, I do whatever it takes to go outside near my house. I understand that not everyone has access to wide open spaces, but almost everyone in America has access to some sort of dirt field or park or nature preserve within a short jogging distance. I found that this helped my mental health in addition to my body because it gave me a chance to unplug from the world for an hour or two and spend some quiet time alone. My “home gym” became wherever my nearest outside space was, which is actually a lot more practical than fitting yourself inside some structured square footage.

Looking back on my gym days, I’m actually thankful that I had a bad experience because that pushed me away from the crowded, fungus-infested gym equipment and brought me out into the healthy outdoors.

Have some bad weather keeping you indoors? Not a problem. Go outside anyways. Chances are you’ll probably survive working out for a few minutes in the rain or snow, and I guarantee it’ll bring a sense of accomplishment that is far greater than anything the local meatheads will get down the street at Golds.


I know fitness is different for everyone, but unless you’re 100% satisfied with your current fitness, you owe it to yourself to try something new. Good luck getting after it.


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Why You Need To Build Powerful Legs 2018

Before you skip over those squats, take into account how vital it’s to own a robust lower body. Your legs support you in everyday activities, they appear good in shorts and can assist you to produce additional power in upper-body exercises, like the bench press. If you are an athlete in a sport that needs running, jumping or sprinting, you need robust legs to power you thru your competition.

Unless you have got a medical restriction, there’s completely no excuse to skip the massive lifts that primarily involve the muscles of the lower body.  And I’m not talking regarding lying leg curls here.  I’m talking regarding squats and deadlifts and also the different versions of each.

Why You Need To Build Strong Powerful Legs


Benefits of Strong Powerful Legs

Below are the most important reasons you must be training your legs if you aren’t already.

1. Boosts Metabolism

The muscles of the legs are the most important muscles of the body.  Moving huge muscles needs huge energy – that means more calories burned.  Squats & Deadlifts need nearly each muscle in your body and thus need plenty of energy to perform. you’ll be able to bench press all day long, however, nothing is going to get the metabolism cranking like heavy squats and deadlifts.

2. Increase Growth hormone

There are several scientific studies conducted that prove performing squats and deadlifts is a wonderful way to increase the release of growth hormone and testosterone. If your goal is to make muscle quick, you must continuously be striving to naturally increase your growth hormone and testosterone levels.

3. Big Strength & Muscle Gains

Studies show that Squats & Deadlifts increase the release of growth hormone more than the other exercise. These are a natural muscle building hormone that helps to gain great muscle.

4. Upper-Body Strength

Squats & Deadlifts work your whole body, not simply your legs. Your arms squeeze the bar hard during heavy Squats & Deadlifts, whereas your abs work hard to stabilize the weight. Even your chest muscles tense hard. If you can’t train your upper-body because of an injury, you’ll be able to prevent muscle loss in your upper-body by doing serious Squats & Deadlifts.

5. Functional Strength

Stronger legs and core muscles can increase your strength on upper-body lifts, which will facilitate upper-body muscle development. Squats & Deadlifts strengthen your legs & lower back, keeping you additional symmetrical. sturdy legs can enable you to become quicker, jump higher, and improve your athletic performance. although you do not compete in sports, building muscle in your legs can build functional tasks much easier.

6. Mental Strength

Here’s the real reason why folks don’t train their legs: it’s physically & mentally difficult. That’s why doing Squats and Deadlifts can build your mental endurance like no other exercise.

Why Don’t People like leg workouts?

Many people don’t like working out their legs. I even have known people who work their upper body on a daily basis, however, don’t work their legs because they don’t like leg workouts. Sturdy legs aren’t as visually attractive as massive upper body muscles, however having robust leg muscles are a big part of having a powerful muscular upper body as well.

There are a good many reasons to have robust legs. Strong legs can make you better at any sport that you simply participate in, they will make you be ready to do nearly any physical activity you do with less effort and more stamina. Your gluteus maximus and your quad muscles are huge muscles that aid in most of your body movement below your waist and on top of your waist.

Does Leg workout help to lose weight?

Yes, Leg workouts help to lose weight fast than other workouts. If losing weight is a concern for you, having additional muscle on your legs can assist you to lose weight quicker by helping you burn a lot of calories and burn more fat quicker. Adding muscle to your legs is quicker and easier to do than other muscles as a result of the larger muscles will gain mass faster once worked.

Stronger leg muscles additionally play a big part in avoiding and decrease knee pain. Having stronger muscles around the knee can keep it in line better and take stress off of the knee and may eliminate or greatly reduce your knee pain.

Your leg exercise ought not to be a negative or unhealthy issue, and building strong legs isn’t tough. If you’re not a competitive bodybuilder, you ought not to have large leg muscles, strength and power are much more useful to most stuff you need to do.

The Best Way of Building Powerful Leg Muscles

The best way to build strength and power in your leg muscles is to do squats, lunges and calf raise. you’ll be able to start these exercises with body weight solely, then work your way up with dumbbells, as you get stronger. Once squatting goes down till your thigh muscles are parallel to the ground, and then back up. For lunges alternate with each leg and conjointly move to the thigh muscle parallel to the ground. Do three sets of ten reps for every exercise and increase the weight as required.

One alternative exercise that you simply should do for robust, powerful legs is cycling outdoors. Living in minnesota you’ll be able to do that for about eight months each year and it’s well worth it, cycle indoor with resistance within the winter months to keep your muscles robust. choose an area to ride that has a mixture of flat and hills thus you get a decent leg exercise on your bike and you’ll add many power and strength, and additionally get a decent cardio exercise at the same time.


Focus on compound leg lifts to create muscle quick, like squats, deadlifts, front squats, Romanian deadlifts, lunges, and good mornings will all train the whole body! Even though these exercises are lower body dominant, they’ll still build an abundance of upper-body strength and size.

You may not like working your legs, many of us don’t, however, if you integrate one leg exercise into each of your other body part workouts, you’ll barely notice it. Add cycling to your cardio exercise as well and in no time you’ll improve all of your sporting and physical activities by having robust powerful legs.

How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Guys With Exercise 2018

How to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise! In order to lose weight fast teenage guys should do some basic exercise.

Before taking the weight they must start their exercise with some free hand exercises. We should know how to lose weight fast in a healthy way.

The environment is changing rapidly, where teenage guys are encouraged to eat more and it has become easier and easier to be inactive.

The current generation has become so inactive that the only exercise many people bother with is surfing the internet. Where there they can easily do some spinning bike workout in leisure time.

how to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise

Checkout Best Exercise Equipment

According to how to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise reviews some pessimists even believe that humans will gradually be lost the use of their legs, and become short, fat, stumpy beings who, are permanently connected their mobile phones or computers.

This has lead to serious problems like overweight. It has become one of the major health problems of the current generation.

[According to facts and figures, in the USA there are more teenage guys dying from being overweight than from smoking.]

It is believed that many more of these young people will be overweight, and they will suffer the associated health problems. Overweight people are often abused on the street. Overweight executives make less money.

Some Important Tips for Losing Weight

  • If you want to change and tone up your shape, want to lose weight quickly, want to make your stomach flat, then you have made the first right move towards enjoying a new and better lifestyle by coming to this website.
  • I am sure that after going through the research work presented on this website, you will be able to decide a healthy diet plan, most suitable and efficient exercises for you to make your stomach flat, fight fat and make six pack abs very easily and quickly.
  • I hope you will take my advice, and will be inspired to follow the program properly and use it as the basis for a lifetime of healthy living and contact me to let me know how you get on.


How to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise

  • When we plan to bring a change in our lives, the first step is often the hardest. It is common to plunge in, setting huge, unobtainable goals, such as ‘I will lose a stone in a week.’
  • When we fail to do this, we tell ourselves change is not possible, and we simply give up.
  • The best way to make a big change is to first make lots of small changes. These will soon be adding up towards a bigger goal.
  • This research work will help you to lose weight fast in a healthy way and then keep it off with the help of exercises which work, and a very healthy diet plan.


Check out these Fitness Equipment for a better result for teenagers. The links are given below:

  1. Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer– Specially designed for abs workouts. Ab Rocket abdominal trainer can help you do abs training in a different position. It’s really helpful if you want to get a six pack abs quickly.
  2. Best Treadmill – Great cardio workout equipment. You can do your hard running exercise on this treadmill – no need to go outside.
  3. Gaiam Backless Classic Balance Ball Chair – Good for Yoga ball workouts like abs exercise. It is also good for the back as this balance ball make the back strong and flexible.
  4. Best Adjustable Dumbbells: Helps to do intense workouts. Best Adjustable Dumbbells is the basic exercise equipment for arms mainly. And a great equipment for making arms muscles.
  5. Best Battle Ropes: Killer workout for the whole body. Battle rope exercise can make your body really strong and most important thing it will burn a lot of calories from your body fast.
  6. Trampoline – Fun way to lose weight by jumping. Improves blood circulation and body flexibility.
  7. Inversion Table– For inversion therapy and upside down exercises.
  8. Aerial yoga swing – Designed for doing aerial yoga moves and a good tool for inversion therapy also.
  9. Recumbent bike – Great Cardio exercise tool. If you want to lose weight in a safe way then the Recumbent bike is best for you.
  10. Elliptical Trainer – Good home gym equipment for total body workouts. You can do whole body workout at your home easily with this Elliptical Trainer.

How a Treadmill Can Make Teenage Guys Life Easier

  • Tired of looking for the perfect place to do weight loss exercises? It is a fact that difficulty in finding the place and time for exercises to lose weight is one of the most identified reasons for individuals who have failed in their attempts at weight loss.
  • A good treadmill can easily solve this predicament. Exercise can be done right in your home at your most convenient time.
  • It is also easy to split your workout time if you have your treadmill ever ready within your reach. 



Is a Treadmill the Answer to Weight Loss Exercises?

  • If you think treadmills are boring and pose no challenge whatsoever, then you haven’t seen the new versions of these powerful machines. The modern treadmill is now equipped with innovations that will keep your interest for a long time.
  • They even provide full body weight loss exercises for teenagers. Some models even feature hand weights so that you can work on your muscles at the same time.

how to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise

  • If teenage guys fancy brisk walking or jogging uphill, all they have to do is to fiddle a little with the programs and then they are set to go.
  • Teenage guys can also easily pace with the easy speed controls that allow them to enjoy a laid-back stroll or send you almost flying on your feet at high-intensity workout speed.
  • A best treadmill 2018 also allows you to enjoy your music playlist without the interfering sounds of traffic and lose weight fast with exercise.
  • You can even watch your favorite program on TV or you can swap stories with your BFF on the phone while you are burning hundreds of calories on the machine.
  • With all these distractions during your workout, an hour will fly by without you noticing it.

how to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise

  • However, treadmills may not be a good idea for those who have very limited floor space to spare. They are quite bulky and storage space can be a problem.
  • The cost is also a consideration. A good machine can cost you a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.
  • After investing your valuable money in a treadmill you have to make sure to regularly utilize it for your weight loss exercises.
  • Teenage guys need to have a workout schedule and stick to it according to how to lose weight fast for teenage guys with exercise reviews. Now, you have no more excuses, because your fancy treadmill is just sitting there waiting for you to burn those calories.


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13 Tips To Lose Weight Fast in Your Face and Neck – 2018

How to lose weight in your face and neck fast! Well, you can do it definitely by following the 13 rules regularly. You have to burn overall body fat to lose weight from your face and neck fast. So, you need to do regular exercise and use some fitness tools

How to Lose Weight on Your Face and Neck Fast! 13 Rules

  1. Regular Quality Diet.
  2. Sound Sleep.
  3. Exercise to Lose Weight.
  4. Keep Smiling.
  5. Drinking Lot of Water.
  6. Eating Healthy Food.
  7. Avoid Junk Food.
  8. Chewing Gum.
  9. Makeup.
  10. Facial Massage.
  11. Long Hairstyle.
  12. Quit Alcohol.
  13. Quit Smoking.


1. Regular Quality Diet:

  • A regular balanced diet is essential to losing weight.
  • Do not take fast food or other food as an eating hobby.
  • Eating all the time this or that will make your face and neck more fat so stop that.
  • At night try to finish your dinner within 9 o’clock.
  • This will help you to digest your food before sleep.

2. Sound Sleep:

  • 7 to 8 hours sound sleep is enough.
  • But if we have a hobby to sleep for a long time this will make you fat.
  • So keep yourself busy so that you can control your sleep and eating.
  • But lack of sleep can cause dark circles, which can make your face look bloated.
  • So keep your sleep in balance.

exercise yoga

3. Exercise to Lose Weight:

  • Cardiovascular exercise like skipping or rope jumping improve circulation in your body.
  • You can add other exercises also. The more you workout the more you will burn fat.
  • You will look brighter by exercising regularly.
  • It will improve the shape of your face and neck.
  • Try to do these exercise regularly.
  • Freehand exercise you can also try to lose weight off your face and neck.

4. Keep Smiling:

  • Smiling is the best and most easy workout you can do for your cheeks.
  • A smile stretches the muscles of your face.
  • This muscle stretching may lose the fats of the face and really help to solve this problem.

bottle water

5. Drinking Lot of Water

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated and also flushes out all the toxins.

6. Eat Healthy Food

  • If you want to lose body as well as facial weight consuming a wholesome diet is very important.
  • The right food will help you to lose your fat in your face and neck.
  • Again right food keeps you energized and healthy.
  • you have to eat your meals on correct time because it plays an important role in the digestion of the food.
  • Try to include fresh fruits, fiber, rich veggies and calcium in your diet. If you need the help of any equipment you can check here on Amazon.

7. Avoid Junk Food

  • Junk foods are rich in fat avoid it.
  • The more you eat junk food the more you become fat.
  • To avoid junk food. Again you have to quit eating soft and hard drinks.
  • Another thing that we like is sweet- avoid it. Eat more vegetables than meat.
  • Drink lots of water and do regular exercise. It will work fast to lose fat on your face and neck.

8. Chewing Gum

  • Chewing sugar-free gums is a good way to workout the facial muscles.
  • If you chew chewing Gum regularly it has a good effect to lose fat in your face and neck.

9. Makeup

  • Makeup will not help in losing weight.
  • But makeup will make your face look thin, especially around the cheeks.
  • For emergency, if you want to look good you can use makeup as a temporary solution.

facial message

10. Facial Massage

  • Regular facial massage is very important
  • So that you can lose fat on your face and this message will enhance oxygen and blood circulation that tighten your skin.
  • It’s an effective technique – try it.

11. Long Hairstyles

  • Long hair makes your cheeks look full.
  • And short hair makes you look slim around the face.
  • For a temporary solution you can try this it makes your face and neck look slim.


12. Quit Alcohol

  • Alcohol forces your body to retain water and it causes puffiness on the face.
  • It makes you fat gradually. So if you want to become slim you must give up Alcohol forever.

13. Quit Smoking:

  • You should quit smoking to lose fat on your face and neck.
  • Smoking is very harmful to your Physical and mental health.
  • Its a silent killer. So quit this as early as possible if you love your life.


Again the main key is to do exercise regularly and follow a diet plan that will definitely lose weight on your face and neck fast. But sometimes some exercise equipment may help you to do workouts easily. If you need you can buy any equipment easily from Amazon. Check it here.

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Nutrisystem Reviews 2018 ( Perfect Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast)

Nutrisystem reviews 2018Nutrisystem 2018 does it really work? Well, When I reached at my age of 40 plus, I face a real struggle with my weight. I have been searching so many web pages & sites. I adopted everything feasible for my lifestyle (green tea, vegan, fat-free, paleo, carb-free, 80% greens, high protein, pills, shakes, etc.).

And at last, I found the Amazon’s Nutrisystem solution for mine which is the easiest way to lose weight for everyone. But my question was does Nutrisystem really work? But after having the Nutrisystem for several months and with the help of the Nutrisystem, I have lost over 50 lbs. And then I become surprised, impressed and optimistic.

Most of the foods are delicious, and it’s nice to feel like a human again and eat a blessed cookie once in a while I wanted to recommend for everyone for fill in meals and for meals we could easily take with us when I travel for our jobs & holidays.

I can truly praise this Nutrisystem as I can like delicious, great for every meal we eat for days & highly recommendable for weight loss projects. If someone wants to switch their daily food to Nutrisystem and wants to change your eating habit, I think it is a great idea & life-changing decision. As per my opinion, Nutrisystem is the only way to go with.

With the help of proper diet plan and easy yoga exercise, you can lose weight soon. Both Nutrisystem diet plan and exercise is important to keep good health. Based on Customer Reviews here is the best Nutrisystem diet plan for you. After reviewing this you will understand how much does it cost to join Nutrisystem?

Checkout Best Nutrisystem Diet 2018

Best of Amazon’s Nutrisystem Diet Reviews

1. Nutrisystem-Nutricrush Chocolate Shake Powder Mix

Nutrisystem Reviews 2018

Customer Review:

  • Nutrisystem cost per month! They worked. I stay up for my husband works nights and don’t come home until midnight or later. So, about 2 pm I would get hungry. I started having one shake about 10 pm and I would not get hungry until morning. I do suggest making it in a blender and adding just a little bit of chocolate syrup. It takes the bitterness taste away.
  • Much to my shock (and, thanks to my sister for championing this product) and delighted surprise, this is the FIRST protein shake that I can actually say I truly like and enjoy drinking. I admit I do use milk in the mix (but I didn’t even try water) and it’s a pleasure to drink, a five-star yum!
  • Nutrisystem diet reviews! Love this! tastes so good and shakes are very satisfying. I use skim milk rather than water and add a few strawberries and a banana. Yum!
  • Love the shakes -great made with almond milk and a frozen banana-really fills you up!
  • Nutrisystem does it really work! Love this product it really works and it tastes good with water, not milk
  • Delicious! And it’s very good for you! Really helps with weight management and satisfies your sweet/chocolate tooth to boot.
  • Expedient delivery as promised. I really like the convenience of the individual packets. I can take them anywhere and like that only need to mix with water, tastes good and most of all works well. I use for my mid-afternoon drop and then I am good until I get home for dinner.
  • My wife takes this. It curbs her appetite and also satisfies her chocolate cravings.
  • Seriously, even my hubby tasted and loved it. I had to slow myself from gulping like Nesquik! lol! You will not be disappointed and they do crush hunger and keep me full. I just did the water and ice in a shaker and it thickens no chunks, no powder, and icy cold.
  • No chalky taste, no aftertaste, just chocolate and it works, stops craves, gives you calcium what more could you ask for
  • I have ordered this product as I have been on the Nutrisystem weight loss program and really prefer this product over many others. It alleviates hunger, tastes absolutely fantastic, and helps you to lose weight. I highly recommend it. 

Check Price


  • Easy to make, tastes great. Tips: use crushed ice in the water before blending.
  • Excellent shakes. So much thicker and mixes better (and better tasting) than the Medifast equivalent. Highly recommended!
  • Very delicious. Easy to grab and go. Helps keep me feeling satisfied both for chocolate and a snack.
  • I got the product as ordered. I was pleased with the packaging and quality.
  • It’s tastier than other shakes and takes care of hunger.
  • Excellent taste and really helps me in my in weight control.
  • They are the best shakes whether you are dieting or not.
  • These are the best tasting chocolate protein shakes I’ve ever had!
  • Great product and price
  • Delicious and satisfying!
  • low calorie
  • flavor great
  • Easy to prepare.
  • This product has a unique taste
  • Love the taste of these shakes. I have one for breakfast each morning.


1. Question:

Are there any carbs in them?


Ciao Fitnessmojo Customer and thank you for your question. Every particular Powder Pack has Total Carbs 21g, 3.5g of Fat, Fiber 5g 150, Calories and Protein 13g.

2. Question:

Is this pack for a meal substitute or a snack?


This is the pack used as a snack in between meals.

Check Price!

2. Nutrisystem On The Go Bar Variety Pack

nutrisystem reviews 2017

Customer Reviews:

  • I purchased these bars on subscribe and save to help me on my weight loss journey. So far I’ve lost 14 pounds!! For me, it really worked. I am using them as a morning snack at work between my breakfast shake and regular lunch. They are high in protein to keep me full. They are yummy–much tastier than regular protein bars. The flavors are varied enough so I don’t feel like I’m eating the same thing over and over. My advice: Buy these bars and eat your calories earlier in the day!
  • I love these bars. They were fresh (expiration date in 2018) and tasted great. They are great as a meal replacement and a quick grab my meal. They are marked either “breakfast” or “lunch” but I think you could eat them for either meal. I will be looking to buy them again soon.
  • Nutrisystem does it really work! For someone who hates to diet, and cannot stick with it if I feel deprived, Nutrisystem is my answer. For life! I am on their basic monthly plan, and this order was just to supplement when I ran low on the peanut butter bars. They are delicious! I mean, how bad can a diet be when you get to eat this kind of bars and lose weight? Seriously! I love you Nutrisystem!!
  • The trick is to have them with a LARGE cup of tea or coffee — and if you take that with milk or cream, don’t skimp on that either. You’ll be full after such a meal and last ’till the next one.
  • I LOVE Nutrisystem diet plan. After I lost 20 lbs from 6 wks on Nutrisystem, my husband wanted to give it a shot but didn’t want the full month commitment. I bought him this pack and he loved all the bars! He is 250lbs and said the breakfast and lunch bars filled him up and tasted good.
  • I have lost 10 pounds in my first month. These taste great
  • Received items quickly, and were very fresh. I hope to find more Nutrisystem items. Does the Nutrisystem diet really work! I have been on a Nutrisystem diet plan over a year, lost 67 pounds, going off plan, just using a few NS items to supplement my regular diet. I’m happy not to have to buy from NS.

nutrisystem reviews 2016


  • Product was as described and shipped in a timely manner
  • These nutrition bars have a great taste!
  • Pretty good. The only edible part of the diet.
  • There is a nice variety of flavors to try.
  • Love these to just grab and go! Delivery was extremely fast.
  • Good value and I order in bulk, so it is very handy, time-saving and cheaper than the store
  • The Nutrisystem on the Go Bars was filling, tasty, and satisfying.
  • All are very good. Love apple strudel the best.

Buy from amazon!


1. Question:

Are there are any sugar in them?


This pack contains Apple Strudel 11g, Cinnamon Bun 7g, Harvest Nut 7g, Chocolate Caramel 12g, Peanut Butter Bar 7g, Fudge Graham 12g.

2. Question:

Is this pack contains any calories?


This pack includes Cinnamon Bun Bar 150, Peanut Butter Granola Bar 160, Harvest Nut Bar 160, Apple Strudel Bar 160, Double Chocolate Caramel Bar 180 and Fudge Graham Bar 200.

3. Question:

Is this pack contains the ingredients called coconut?


Any of these items in this pack don’t include coconut.

4. Question:

Have you any idea about the net weight of each bat contains?


The following are the weight of each bar description:

Fudge Graham Bar (2 Bars) – 1.8oz each, Harvest Nut Bar (1 Bar) – 1.4oz, Peanut Butter Granola Bar (2 Bars) – 1.4oz each, Apple Strudel Bar (1) – 1.5oz, Cinnamon Bun Bar (2 Bars) – 1.4oz each, Double Chocolate Caramel Bar (2 Bars) – 1.8oz each

Check Price

3. Nutrisystem-Breakfast-On-The-Go-Bundle

Customer Review:

  • My wife and I are on Nutrisystem diet plan. Why might you ask? It’s because they have great food (like this), we’ve lost over 70 pounds between us and it’s EASY! We like the chocolate muffins the best.
  • Nutrisystem does it really work! I love Nutrisystem products. I was once on the program and loss 40 pounds, but it became a bit too expensive for me to continue when I lose my job. But I recommend Nutrisystem to everyone, and if you are serious about losing weight this is the best program to be on and it works.
  • If you have tried of the Nutrisystem items before and liked them, I recommend this sampler pack. It comes with muffins, biscotti, and cinnamon raisin bars. Yummy and portion-controlled!
  • A much better selection than you receive with the monthly complete meal deal. I have had better results with Nutrisystem than with any diet that I’ve tried. I have found one flaw they need to address and that is, the longer you stay with the monthly order you start to receive the same few items over and over unless you want to pay more and select your own choices. Even then I found that the choices I selected were sometimes unavailable. I dropped the monthly plan because I received only pasta for dinner and most breakfast bars and lunch bars for those meals with a few bowls of cereal and soups thrown in. Wake up Nutrisystem. You cannot keep clients that way. I will be ordering the bundle as needed for great big savings.
  • I love NUTRISYSTEM 2018! I wish I could afford to be on it for 6 months. I lost 26 pounds last spring, and I am back. Most of the food is very good! Keep in mind that part of the reason the food tastes different from what you buy at the bakery or grocery store are low sugar and high protein! How do you pack protein into
    a cinnamon roll or muffin without it changing the flavor?
    Nutrisystem is constantly working on their recipes and updating foods. how much does it cost to join Nutrisystem?! I tried a small pack from Amazon, and found that some I wasn’t fond of last year (like the pot pie) are much, much better! and less costly. I think that all of the muffins are good. Small though, but if you follow the rest of the plan with the additions (protein and fruits and veggies) and follow the boards, you CAN lose weight and keep it off with Nutrisystem diet plan! Love the Biscotti!
  • I have ordered these mini breakfasts three or four times. They are good, and super convenient. My husband has a muffin for breakfast along with a hard-boiled The muffin alone does not hold him long enough. If you heat the chocolate muffin for a few seconds in the microwave, you’ll think you are eating a freshly baked brownie. I love the bars, and that alone will hold me until morning snack time.
  • Some of our customer Nutrisystem diet review about this pack as like:

                        Chocolate muffins are great
                        Cinnamon muffins are good
                        Cinnamon bars are okay
                        Blueberry muffins are meh
                        Biscotti bites shouldn’t be eaten by humans, probably not dogs either.


  • Great Items! Just what I was looking for!! Thanks for making my breakfast great!!
  • Great variety of breakfasts, yummy, easy and delivered to Hawaii in very good time.
  • They are low calorie, taste great and are very filling.
  • These were yummy easy to grab breakfasts that gave me energy and filled me up 
  • These breakfasts taste good, and on the diet plan, and easy to grab and go!
  • All items were very tasty, except the Cinnamon bar. I didn’t care for that one. Fast shipping, exactly as described. Nice assortment.
  • Good alternative for breakfast or snack. Only tried the muffins so far which tasted good.
  • The products taste really good and are very filling.
  • Great combination. Was very pleased with the selection
  • These are tasty, portion controlled options for breakfast on the go. I grab one of these each morning and take it to work with me for a convenience. I like the variety as well.


1. Question:

After How many days this Nutrisystem expire?


We make our Product with the Muffins, the current inventory has 4-6 months and the Bars/Bites have 5-8 Months also added that our Muffins start with 6 months and the Bars/Bites with 9 Months and with the shortest shelf life possible so you always enjoy Fresh Product.

2. Question:

What are the quantities of the protein?


The following are the Protein levels of the packs: Cinnamon Raisin Bar 7g, Biscotti Bites 6g, Cinnamon Streusel 5g, Blueberry Muffin 7g, Double Chocolate Muffin 7g.

4. Nutrisystem®-Double Chocolate Mega Muffin-16 pack

Customer Review:

  • I must say these are some of the best muffins I have eaten in a very long time, not to mention a Nutrisystem product. ‘Nutrisystem 2018‘ With my Husband, we are just starting the program and looking forward to the results.
  • My husband loves these muffins because he can actually taste the delicious chocolate! Since he loves them so much I stopped making muffins twice a week. Anything that saves me time deserves a Gold Medal!
  • Fresher than when I get them in my regular, monthly order. This is the way to buy them!
  • I like this pack. I’m on Nutrisystem and decided to order them from anywhere.
  • Chocolate chip muffins are great for breakfast or a quick snack. I am not even doing Nutrisystem but love these muffins so I continue coming back for more.
  • I really liked these since as a snack to keep me on my diet maintenance program. They are very tasty and have the right amount of fiber and nutritional levels and the right size for a snack.
  • This is small but so good. It keeps me full for about 3 hours. Great breakfast treat!
  • The muffins are great. Just pop them for 10 seconds into the microwave and grab and go for a quick breakfast with a fruit and a hot beverage. They are healthy too! 


  • Tastes great and really helps for digestion.
  • These are really good. Moist and chocolaty.
  • Tastes are Best tasting chocolate muffin I’ve ever had honestly.
  • Nutrisystem does it really work! Very good, they seem to like you’re eating something very fattening but really it’s just the fiber which gives you a full feeling too
  • These chocolate muffins are a treat for chocolate lovers. Just enough to satisfy that craving and are a breakfast meal substitute.
  • These are so rich and moist.
  • Very happy with Nutrisystem diet plan and Amazon shipping.
  • Fresh and delicious, warm for 10 seconds in the microwave, chocolaty good.
  • Delicious & delivered on time!
  • Great breakfast meal with yogurt!
  • Excellent product.
  • Fast service muffins fresh and moist.
  • They shipped quickly and are delicious



Do you mean 16 packs equal to 16 muffins?


Correct – 16 packs have 16 muffins.


What should I find in the muffins?


These are the following ingredients you will get the double chocolate muffins: enriched bleached flour (niacin, wheat flour, reduced iron, riboflavin, folic acid,thiamine mononitrate,), cocoa processed with alkali, soybean oil, maltitol, includes less than 2% leavening (sodium acid pyrophosphate, , corn starch, sodium bicarbonate and monocalcium phosphate), corn fiber, butter flavor, water, semi-sweet chocolate chips, inulin syrup, (sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, natural flavor, soy lecithin), sugar, resistant maltodextrin, wheat protein isolate, glycerin, soy flour, wheat protein isolate, sodium alginate, wheat starch, propylene glycol monoester, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, ascorbic acid, emulsifier blend, enzyme, (propylene glycol mono- and mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin, fatty acids and diesters of fats), potassium sorbate (preservative), rebaudioside a, sodium carboxmethylcellulose, salt, vanilla extract. It contains soy, monk fruit extract, milk, and wheat, food starch-modified, nonfat milk, natural chocolate type flavor and it really works.

The best part of Nutrisystem diet plan

  •  nutrisystem reviews consumer reportsThe best part of it all, there’s a Nutrisystem meal plan that is suited to your specific needs. You can choose from the basic plans or the advanced plans such as silver, Nutrisystem D, vegetarian, flex, and select line. All these plans involve eating pre-packaged delicious Nutrisystem food.
  • If you want to lose weight the delicious way, you might as well benefit from the Nutrisystem meal delivery plans. You may also want to read various Nutrisystem reviews so you can see for yourself how actual customers have benefited from the Nutrisystem weight loss program so you know what to expect. 

Nutrisystem does it really work?

  • The answer is yes. With the help of nutrition and exercise, you will be on the road to a healthy and normal weight. This is a great way to creating a healthy lifestyle. Nutrisystem puts emphasis on vegetables, fruits, and lean protein while cutting back on sugar, fat, and fried foods.
  • Most of the foods for this program is supplied, and it is nutritionally well-balanced and developed to assist handle food cravings. Nutrisystem enables you to choose your own personal 28-day supply of foods, or else you can easily purchase any pre-selected package.
  • It helps prevent some chronic condition. It is also an effective way to jump down the pounds. You will have to be motivated for the long-haul to apply this plan. You’ll have to eat three meals and one snack per day, drink lots of water and take supplements.

You should go through three phases:

You should take fiber- and calcium-rich breakfast every day; avoid eating for at least two hours before going bed, healthy 100 to 200 calorie snacks, and lots of water.

You have to avoid 6 problem foods:

  • alcohol,
  • soda,
  • trans fats,
  • fried foods,
  • white bread,
  • full-fat milk
  • Yogurt.
  1. At this stage, you just have to control your portions. Eat the same types of food as in Phase 1, but you’ll have to add “anything-goes calories,” with the quantity depending on your daily activity level.
  2. In the last phase, you still keep portions in check, and you move toward nutritious foods like (leaner proteins, whole grains, fruit, and colorful vegetables).

User Reviews

You will also have to focus on the quality of the diet. Whatever you eat should offer vitamins, great taste, nutrients, and minerals. You have to be content and stay healthy.

Exercise: You should do strength training and cardio with each three phase of the diet.

Nutrisystem Diet ( A good selection of  foods )

  • Food diet is a life project instead of eating a diet of fashion in the short term (fad diets do not work because your body does not receive all the necessary nutrients and overcome hunger and cravings). Even better, the body needs carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals, vitamins, and fluids. 
  • A good selection of vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein is necessary and regular meals instead of one huge one is better than sending the potential for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer are very low for a healthy diet.
  • A poor diet can lead to obesity, lethargy and blemished skin. A good diet helps maintain a healthy weight, which is an important factor in general works health. The body as a machine in a way – if you put good food, healthy, you will look and perform better.
  • Examples of healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, nuts and whole grains products. Foods containing carbohydrates that raise blood sugar suddenly (such as white bread, donuts or instant mashed potatoes) will bring a high increased energy followed by a rapid decline.
  • It makes you hungry again after eating, rather than satisfy you. It makes you healthier than aspire food. Not a good cook or not having time is no excuse!
  • You can get food prepared healthy delivered to your door. Again with proper diet, you can take help of an elliptical trainer for workouts to lose your weight fast.
  • You can also do a lot of health or a plate of chips and refrigerate or freeze the rest to heat quickly through another day when you have less time. If you ate all the frozen dinners in the past, you may find really enjoy cooking and being creative!
  • Experiment with different dishes can be an adventure in taste buds explosion. You can always have treats. It is a bad idea to deprive themselves completely of your favorite foods for the occasional chocolate cake is fine. You do not need to cut anything completely.
  • You can, however, make good decisions and one alternate to another. Changes food choices should be made gradually.
  • You can start with the introduction of more fruits and vegetables in your diet, and perhaps share a treatment bread. If grain white bread usually plenty of food frying, try baking or grilling instead.
  • Check the labels on the foods you like and you might be surprised by the amount of salt, sugar or unnecessary burdens contain. Your body adapts to a new regime in a few weeks, you find that you do not miss eating all junk food before.
  • For you to be healthy and stay healthy with a diet of healthy food is an absolute necessity.

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Healthy Diet vs Supplements

Well, if you want to create your health through dietary supplements, then go through these products to improve.

nutrisystem reviews consumer reports

Nutritional supplements (vitamin E) is used as a tool in support of an otherwise healthy diet and exercise. In simple words, supplements improve the overall diet plan that is used on two fronts:

1. Nutritional supplements fill in some nutritional gaps in your healthy diet.
2. This supplements also help to boost the effectiveness of your healthy diet plan.

In addition, Nutritional supplements can a be used to ensure companion exercise plan more effective. With a proper balance between your overall diet.

The exercise routine and proper use of dietary supplements, you’ll be on your way to establish a comprehensive plan for a healthy life. With a program as well regulated and designed, you will enjoy good health.

There are several different resources that you consider when making decisions regarding the inclusion of dietary supplements in the diet plan. Again you should consult these resources with a physician or a diet specialist.

Nutrisystem And Its Success

The main reason behind its success is its easy procedure and diet plan. There is no difficulty in following a Nutrisystem diet plan and sticking with it becomes very easy due to its easy terms and conditions.

Check Price!

This biggest advantage of a Nutrisystem program is that you don’t have to worry about buying and preparing the meals as the Nutrisystem meals are already cooked and portioned out and are directly delivered at your doorstep with just one simple phone call. Then you will see whether Nutrisystem really work or not.

The key element of Nutrisystem diet plan is the Glycemic Index. A glycemic index’s work is to keep track of the carbohydrates intake and it works in the form of a chart which tells about the increase or decrease in the sugar lever through carbohydrates intake.

The theory of glycemic index describes that a body will remain full if the foods consumed are low on a glycemic index. Such foods create the feeling of hunger after a long period thus maintaining a balance. On the other hands, foods which are high on the index will repeatedly create the hunger feeling, leaving the body hungry after a short period. But you should keep doing basic exercise with best home gym equipment.

Nutrisystem does it really work? is a frequently asked question. Well, The Nutrisystem plan aims to provide six meals a day. You should take a limited amount of snacks along with the actual meals. The repeated food intake in small amounts increases the efficiency of the metabolic system of the body and helps in maintaining a strict routine for maximum results.

It works well and many professional trainers endorse it due to its effective results in weight reduction. It aims to define the eating routine and emphasizes on clean eating habits with foods low in fats and rich in proteins.

In the beginning, one may have to choose between different diet plans according to one’s needs such as for men, women, above 30, above 60, for diabetics etc. The first stage is followed by a food selection process through which you choose the foods you like to eat from the list of more than 100 food items, including basic snacks and desserts.

An individual is required to choose 3 basic meals per day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner followed by a dessert item. A basic order is made for the whole month and supply starts a week after. If you are able to maintain this routine then you will understand – Does the Nutrisystem diet really work or not!

nutrisystem reviews 2018The meals in a Nutrisystem diet program don’t need a refrigerator and they can be stored anywhere such as a cupboard or drawer. At the time of eating a Nutrisystem meal may require a quick heating of 5-8 minutes. The procedure for cooking these meals is also very simple and time-saving.

The cost of a Nutrisystem diet plan is pretty reasonable and starts from a dollar 7 to 12 per day depending on the meal type.

nutrisystem reviews 2017This is actually very affordable as compared to other diet plans in the market and the quality of the Nutrisystem meals really makes the value of this diet plan double as compared to the price.

All the meals that are included in this diet plan are rich in nutrition and it is also a blessing for a person to choose from a great list of items which is an option that is totally absent in other diet plans.

If you are looking to stay fit and are in search of an effective diet plan then it is highly recommended to go for Nutrisystem diet program. Once you start this excellent diet plan you will definitely see a dramatic change in your body. Just stick with the plan to see positive results.

Nutrisystem User Reviews from Real Customers:

Tina L. from New Jersey says “Does the Nutrisystem diet really work 2018“, I became very dull and fat after my first pregnancy. The extra pregnancy weight did not go by itself. Then I got pregnant again the next year so I gained yet another 20 pounds.

This was when I really felt that I was moving towards depression. I used to hide behind flowing clothes. I had tried out several crash diets and even tried going to a gym. There wasn’t much success.

I also feel that the low success rate was due to the lack of time I had. I had two kids to look after so I could not dedicate much time to the gym. Then I heard about the Nutrisystem diet program from a friend at a wedding that it really works.

I was so amazed from the Nutrisystem success stories that I knew I had to give it a try. From that day onwards, I have not once regretted my decision. I have lost 40 lbs in a very healthy manner. Now I know the answer to this question Nutrisystem does it really work? It works, I feel fresher and am more confident now. Thank you, Nutrisystem for turning my life around.”

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