Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain Relief : Based on Consumer Report Reviews


Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain Relief


The Idea of Inversion therapy is an ancient view. It was found in early age around 400 BC, that this psychotherapy will conquer the consequences of the load by which we can achieve the overturn vigor that pulls everything toward ground’s axis. This weight shifting overturn relieves a usual power to the spinal cord. Shortly the outcome is tremendous loosen the spinal cord momentarily prolonged and reducing urge on cerebral construction.

Key Benefits
Alleviate intersection stress.
Trim down spinal cord strain.
Eliminates Back Pain.
Coping with Muscle convulsion.
Enlarging the vertebral cord.
Boost up Blood flow.
Improve supply of nutriments.

Topmost overturn tool for lower spinal ache abatement is a great table for eliminating back and neck ache. But, this tools is not like other gym equipment. This well-engineered mechanism let anyone’s usual position reversed up to 180 degrees and ankles support you to hold your body upside down. Not all equipment will work perfectly as they advertise. That means you have to make a research before buying the best Inversion machine.

Before spending your money please read our upside down tool reviews to understand what other users feel about the particular inversion tool. Save your valuable time and get the topmost equipment for lower backache abatement.


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In order to get the Best inversion table for lower back pain relief, The Fitness Mojo team have shown the top-rated following reviews in order to help to choose the top one for you without any hassle. We recommend for the top machine for lower spinal ache abatement is Teeter Inversion Table which we treat it like the king of all.

best inversion tableMore Pictures

Best Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain Relief Reviews: Our Selections

1. Teeter Inversion Table

This is the top-rated gadget for lower back pain relief. This inversion table is given the nod by  FDA to take care of conditions i.e. degenerative discs, tight muscles, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and backache. Let’s have a quick look …

Teeter Inversion Table

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Features and Benefits

More Stretch  

For large grip surface for holding and more stretching variations, this tool offers the patented Max Handles. Furthermore, the stretch handholds will give you more looseness options. The design of the handles allows room for smooth as well as rhythmic fluctuation.

Comfortable to use

For more safety, this best inversion tool is using the EX-Reach mechanism. In order to eliminate the need to bend and secure the ankles, this machine features the triple lock with the extended handle. Foot platform can be adjustable according to the dimension of your feet.

 Best Inversion table for lower back pain relief

Comfortrak Bed

The bed flexes with smooth surfaces feature will facilitate you to get a flawless body slide which will assist you to optimize the spinal pain relief.

Acupressure Nodes

This inversion machine offers four height options and the lumber bridge and neck arch by which you can enjoy steady pressure-point abatement for your spinal ache.

Teeter Inversion Table

Easy to fold.
Easy to store.
Works for lower lumbar.
Easy to put together.
Easy to carry around for its lightweight design.


Best Inversion table for lower back pain reliefCheck Price


2. IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table

Ironman 4000 is our 2nd selection in our best inversion table for lower pain review. This machine is clearly for the fitness lovers’ most wanted list. One customer said that this Ironman gravity upside down machine for back pain relief is a life changer. Some most significant functions and its benefits are as follows:

IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table


Features and Benefits

Ergonomic Ankle Cushions

Your ankles will require good support as you’re going to exercise with this upside down tool in inverted position. This Best inversion table for lower back pain also has molded ankle cushions.


Ironman Inversion Table


Optimal Weight Support

This Ironman Gravity can hold up to 350 pounds. You can happily use it even though you have a big body. If you’re over 6 foot tall then this equipment will be good for you.

IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table

Robust Inversion

This Best inversion table for lower back pain relief has a tubular steel frame with a memory-foam backrest in order to reduce anxiety and increase blood circulation.

IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table


Robust instrument.
Long-lasting materials and design.
Can be used by aged people.
Quite affordable than other machine.
Accommodates more weight.


 IRONMAN Gravity-4000 Inversion Table

3. Innova ITX-9600 Inversion Table

This inversion table has five overturn angles to look after your ache.This machine is the most convenient for lower spinal ache abatement.

Innova Inversion table


Features and Benefits

More Spinal Support

You will definitely be in love with this best inversion table for the extra broad and its long on board spinal support. This overturn tool’s bed is effectively padded to offer you the comfort that is necessary to lessen ache.


Sturdy Construction

The Innova ITX9600 therapy machine is made up of heavy steel tubing that can hold up to 300 pounds.

Innova Inversion table

Intuitive Design

The Innova ITX9600 also has soft foam handlebars with thick foam rollers in order to invert it and take it back to upright position instantly.

Intuitive Design

Unique Side Inversion Pin

It comes with the latest pin that makes it simple to adjust to varying degrees. By just twisting the pin according to your favorite recline position, you’re ready to go. This pin guarantees your protection and comfort whenever you make use of the table.

Innova Inversion table

Easy to fold.
Easy to store.
Works for lower lumbar.
Easy to put together.
Easy to carry around for its lightweight design.


4. Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table

This Best inversion table for lower back pain model is designed to care for your lower spinal pain. If you wish for the same benefits as the Teeter inversion table that reviewed earlier without spending as much then this is the excellent product to get. Customer loves it too! It is another top-rated machine for lower spinal ache abatement takes a quick glimpse at its reviews.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table


Features and Benefits

Plethora of Rotation

You can easily and safely adjust this inversion table’s tether for fast rotational and adjust-ability control.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

Uncomplicated Assembly

It is easy to set up the Teeter EP-560. There are five steps and that will take about 15 minutes to start getting the benefits of inversion through this table.


Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

Unmatched Balancing

Inverting with this equipment is easy and simple for lower back pain relief. At first set it according to your height then keep your ankles in place then recline and relax. The handlebars will give you much better control for your rotation with fewer efforts. 


Stretch Assist Handles

These unique handles offer the support and safety you need at the time of using the EP-560.

UL safety certified.
High-grade materials for durability.
FDA approved.
Allows use of different accessories.
Patented track-style.

Benefits of Best Inversion Table

Top overturn equipment for lower spinal ache abatement is great exercise equipment. There are many reasons to create an inversion table become part of your fitness tools. Let’s have a look at important advantages.

Relief Joint Pressure

An important reason why people buy this machine is it helps to improve joint pressure quickly. 


Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

Keep Your Discs Hydrated

While your body stays in inverted position, space appears between your discs. Then the absorption of soft tissues gets into the discs. This action enhances the nutrients into the disc and that leads to improved flexibility.


Improves Circulation

The blood flows of a body in one way – against gravity. This gadget improves the process, as overturn machine helps you to hang upside down. When you are in hanging position your organs get decongestant and that improves circulation. 

Develops the Lymph System

While hanging in the inverted position it eliminates a major quantity of waste from the lymphatic system. The lymph system carries waste in one direction like the blood. 

Helps to Maintain Height

On average a person’s body shrinks up to ¾ of an inch each day due to compression from gravity. This table will decrease the intensity of this type of loss by functioning against this process and helps to relief the back pain.Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

Increases Flexibly

An inversion machine helps to stretch stiff joints and important muscles which increase flexibility.

Easier Breathing

Your diagram will become stronger as you hang your body into an upside down. As that time you will require less effort to take breaths. That also encourages taking deeper breaths then more air will arrive at the lower part of lungs.

Your body parts will obtain more oxygen including important organs like the brain.

Relives Nerve Pain

You can also lessen the contraction of your muscles in lumbar area and press against sciatic nerve with the help of this inversion table.

Strengthens the Ligaments

Hanging the body upside down with this inversion equipment will enhance the collagen in ligaments. 

Develops the Quality of Sleep

Hanging your body in an upside down with this best inversion table for lower back pain, will make muscles relaxed. A study shows that inverting body upside down will definitely help you fall asleep quicker and develop the quality of sleep.

Improves the Immune System

A good lymphatic system improves the performance of the immune system. Research has shown that those who exercise with up side down tables get ill less often. 

Tips: Before thinking inversion therapy human beings, are warned to seek advice from a physician, who have preceding physical limitation like cervical vertebra, hypertension, thrombosis, excessive adiposity, inception, or retinal detachment, etc.



We can say that this best inversion table for lower back pain relief is a great inversion. In order to choose the top most excellent upside down machine for lower spinal ache abatement mostly depends on what you desire. Considering the above reviews you can easily hang your body and get your quick result.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

Upside down therapy really works for relieving back and neck ache. You just need to choose the best inversion machine for you. It is also very important to check the most recent features. Try to choose an overturn tool that gives recent updates, as it will make you sure about the product.

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