10 Best Elliptical Trainers 2018 (Buyer’s Guide)


Best elliptical trainer 2018Best Elliptical Trainer 2018! Many people go by the philosophy of “No Pain, No Gain”, but to lose weight all you have to do is burn more calories than you eat.

If you are overweight, it becomes even more difficult to lose weight at a gym while running on a treadmill.

Running on a treadmill takes a large tole on a person’s knees and is difficult to sustain for long periods of time. ‘Best elliptical trainers 2018‘ are great machines which help you to lose weight without putting a strain on your body. 

From the comforts of your own home, online shopping saves you time and the unnecessary hassle of going from store to store to make comparisons. Also, shopping online presents you with more options when it comes to choosing a best elliptical machine.

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Top 10 Elliptical Trainers for Home Use Reviews

Elliptical machines are great home gym equipment because you are not only using your legs to burn calories, but you are using your entire body to burn calories. 

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Top 10 Elliptical TrainerCurrent Price
1. Sole E35 Elliptical Trainers Check Price!
2. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainers Check Price!
3. Sole E95 Elliptical Trainers Check Price!
4. ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer Check Price!
5. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainers Review Check Price!
6. Stamina In-motion Elliptical Trainer Review Check Price!
7. BBody Max BRM3671 Black Cardio Dual Trainer Check Price!
8. Bowflex E216 Elliptical Trainers Check Price!
9. Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Check Price!
10. Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical Trainer Reviews Check Price!

1. Sole E35 Elliptical Trainers Review

The Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer is one of the most reasonably priced trainers on the market.

How many times have you been away on vacation and staying in a beautiful hotel and gone to their workout room and seen some draw dropping equipment?

That is the case with this machine but the beauty of it is that you can have it right in your own home.

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2. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainers Review

best elliptical trainer 2018Elliptical machines have been given a bad rap because of their stride length. Treadmills have been given a pass because they are a solo functional.

But the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer has a 20-inch stride that gives you the freedom to expand your gait for a full lower body workout while including vertical handlebars so you can work your upper body at the same time.

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3. Sole E95 Elliptical Trainers Review

Best elliptical trainer 2018According to Best Elliptical Trainers for home use reviews the Sole E95 Elliptical Trainer is a preferred brand of equipment for the Hilton hotel chains.

Hilton did their customer research and found that Sole has the best warranty and durability, they know that when people stay at a hotel they are on either business or vacation.

Hilton wanted a low impact elliptical machine that would help guest work off those extra vacation pounds or help relieve some stress due to traveling.

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4. ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer Review

Another Best Elliptical Trainers for home use is the Proform Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer. This trainer is perfect for anyone living in an apartment or trying to make.

ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer Review

Many trainers are this price category will feature very few training programs, not the ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical Trainer. You get 6 programs on this trainer and it also features an automatic adjustment feature that allows you to change your resistance to keep you at your desired level without interrupting your workout. Few elliptical trainers will show you this feature at this price level.

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5. Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainers Review

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainers ReviewHaving just moved into a small 4th-floor apartment, I was determined to find a lightweight, portable exercise product that would still give me a good cardio workout.

When I looked online, I was stunned by just how many machines were actually pictured.

There were a lot of different choices that I looked at before finally deciding.

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6. Stamina In-motion Elliptical Trainer Review

best home elliptical 2017If you are looking to work out your legs without going to the gym or want an elliptical trainer without compromising the room space then Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer should be your first choice.

With this trainer, you can easily do workouts in your own home. You can get this machine for a very reasonable price. Read More

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7. Body Max BRM3671 Black Cardio Dual Trainer

best elliptical trainer 2018The Body Champ Cardio Dual Trainer offers a great workout, especially for the price. It provides versatile functions as both an Elliptical Trainer and Upright workout Bike.

The advanced magnetic resistance system provides smooth and quiet rides. A DELUXE programmable LCD console features 12+ preset exercise programs that include user-customizable programs, and heart-rate-driven programs. You can do hassle-free adjustment to switch from mode-to-mode.

The seat of this Body Champ Trainer can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically for optimal comfort. This Cardio dual machine has a 14-inch stroke length. Weight capacity of this awesome machine is 250 pounds.

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8. Bowflex E216 Elliptical Trainers

best elliptical trainer for seniors 2018Bowflex E216 Elliptical Trainers burn RATE console focuses on the total calories that you are burning every minute. It also pushes you to Go further, faster and get best results

The Bow flex results Series elliptical machine was built from the ground up to meet your fitness needs. This elliptical trainers console has an extra large 9″ full-color liquid Crystal display and 11 intuitive “push and Go” workout programs.

Again the Bow Flex is the most highly decorated and Award-winning elliptical trainer in their respective classes.

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9. Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

best elliptical for runners 2018If it’s state of the art you need, then you must check out the Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review.

This trainer has all the latest technology including surround sound speakers with MP3 compatibility and even a built-in fan to keep you cool whilst training.

There’s also a huge 10 levels of resistance that allow you to perform lots of different workouts on the one machine.

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10. Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical Trainer ReviewsBest Fitness Cross Trainer 2018

Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical Trainer reviews offer a full body workout and it is ideal for home gyms and workout areas.

Additional information Synchronized in this treadmill is armed 5-panel LCD display transport wheels Feedback for time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate.

Its Weight is 106 pounds User capacity: 225 pounds Dimensions: 45L x 26W x 66H inches About Body-Solid Body Solid has been making high-quality strength training and exercise equipment for over 20 years. Read More

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The Advantages of Buying Online

Shopping online for your elliptical trainer will save you both time and money. You probably want an elliptical trainer at home because you do not have the time to go to the gym every week – so why not start saving time as soon as you can?

Armed with a good search engine and an idea of what you are looking for, you have an instant Elliptical Trainer Buying Guide right in front of you. Also, know that buying online means considerable savings for you.

Since online stores do not have the same expenses as physical stores, such as rent, sales staff, and general upkeep. They are able to offer consumers products at significantly lower cost.

Do Elliptical Trainers Work?

The elliptical trainer or cross-trainer as they are sometimes referred to as a stationary exercise machine that stimulates everyday activities such as walking, stair climbing and running.

However, unlike these activities which can cause excessive strain on the joints, elliptical trainers are classified as low impact and a weight-bearing form of exercise, thus ensuring that injuries are kept to an absolute minimum.

The exercises can vary from light to high intensity depending on the resistance levels and speed set by the users and are often used by people with injuries that want to stay fit and minimize the risk of further injury.

Most elliptical trainers exercise the upper and lower body simultaneously and are generally driven by the legs, however generally they have handle levers to not only provide an upper body workout but also to act as a secondary source of driving power.

Some models, which have been poorly designed are dependent on the user’s leg power to drive the trainer, however, with the more advanced and the best elliptical trainers allow the user a harmonious combination of leg and arm exercises.

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Best Elliptical Trainers is comparable to a treadmill in that it exercises the leg and heart. There are claims that the elliptical trainers are more efficient in burning calories due to the dual action exercise that it creates. 

Using an elliptical trainer without the hand grips is also said to improve balance, core strength and posture.

In this position the users’ muscles are constantly tensed therefore using muscles that help them remain balanced, generally, these are the back and tummy muscles. However, this is not generally recommended for beginners.

General Usage

Though models vary, generally users have to adopt a comfortable standing position, with a straight back and they align their knees and hips and ensure their weight is evenly distributed.

In a smooth and controlled motion, they grip the handles and begin striding either in a forward or backward motion whilst simultaneously working the hand levers back and forth.

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Elliptical Trainers at Home

The general consensus is that by working out at home you can generally improve your fitness levels far more than if you were to go to a gym.

The reason being is that many people with their busy lives are not able to visit the gym for an hour.

However, most elliptical trainers are designed for use in the home and many users report that they are far more likely to jump on the elliptical machine for 10 minutes when they can.

The good thing about elliptical trainers is that due to the nature of the workout and the intensity of them, you don’t have to spend hours sweating away to achieve results.

If you can spare 10 to fifteen minutes per day you will achieve better and faster results than if you were to spend an hour in the gym a couple of times a week.

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Which are the Best Elliptical Trainers to Buy

There are many elliptical trainers around to suit most budgets. You can buy for as little as $100 and some go up to many thousands of dollars. Depending on your needs you want to find the trainer that does what you need it to.

Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you and carried out elliptical trainer reviews on what we feel are the best products in the marketplace and where you can get value for money.

Take a look at the elliptical trainer reviews and see which one suits you best before parting with your hard-earned cash. We have included elliptical trainers to suit every budget and every requirement and we have picked these products based on customer feedback.

We want you to have the best and ensure you get what you pay for. Therefore all the products featured on our site come with a star rating so you can see at a glance the rating based on looks, value for money and quality.

A complete workout that burns calories extremely fast.

When running on a Best Elliptical Trainers for home use, you are mainly using your hamstring muscle in addition to a few other muscles.

Using an elliptical incorporates all the muscles in your body including the muscles in your arm. This is great for anyone that has extremely weak legs.

The best thing about elliptical cross trainers is that they are extremely easy for anyone to learn how to use.Elliptical cross trainers such as the Sole elliptical trainer are extremely easy for anyone to use.

Best Elliptical Trainers for home use the natural movement of walking to give your body a complete workout that burns calories extremely fast.

The main idea behind burning calories is to use as many muscles as possible.When using an elliptical you are using the muscles in your arms as well as the muscles in your legs, which means you are burning more calories.

Using an elliptical cross trainer has many advantages over traditional treadmills according to Best Elliptical Trainer 2018 – Buyer’s Guide.

According to Best Elliptical Trainers for home use reviews many people find that they cannot sustain running on a traditional treadmill for long periods of time because it puts so much strain on the joints in their body.

Elliptical cross trainers allow you to burn calories faster and work out for longer periods of time because you do not feel as much of a strain on the joints of your body.

The other great thing about elliptical is that you can go at your own pace. On a traditional treadmill, it is hard to change speeds quickly.

With elliptical cross trainers, you can go at your own pace and slow down immediately if you get tired!

Overall, elliptical cross trainers have tons of benefits that can help the average person get in shape.

The best thing about elliptical cross trainers is that they have almost no impact on the joints of your bones which allows you to work out for extended periods of times.

Most gyms have elliptical cross trainers so finding one won’t be a problem! If you are looking to get in shape, but haven’t worked out in a while using an elliptical cross trainer might be the right thing for you to try!

Best Elliptical Trainer For Home Use – Do Your Research

When looking to buy a big ticket item such as Best Elliptical Trainers for home use, it is always necessary to be cautious if you plan to make that purchase online.

It is important to only make online purchases from reputable, honest and reliable companies that have a solid record of good customer service.

After all, the Internet is one large Elliptical Trainer Buying Guide, with both the good and the bad in the mix.

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a product online, later running into a problem, and having no one to turn to for adequate support.

Before you make your purchase online follow this Elliptical Trainer Buying Guide, do a little bit of research and make sure you not only have a great elliptical trainer in mind but also know of a good place to buy it.

Our Buying Guide explains in detail what features to look out for and what is particularly important when purchasing an elliptical trainer, such as the drive system, brake and resistance types, stride length, and more.

We want to make sure that you protect yourself when shopping online for an elliptical machine, so here are some tips:

Company Reputation

Check out how long the company has been in business by looking at the company website, online consumer review sites, and the Better Business Bureau.

Chances are the older a company is, it has had more time to establish a reputation and get their act together compared to new start-up companies.

Review sites can be helpful as they will usually have posts about complaints if any, and general opinions regarding the company’s performance.


The warranty on your elliptical machine is very important. If something goes wrong, the warranty will be there to protect you as a consumer.

Minimum warranties offered on lower-priced new elliptical trainers are as short as 90 days on parts and labor, or 30 days for a refurbished second-hand trainer.

At the high-end of the market, companies offer comprehensive warranties such as a lifetime on the frame and braking system, 3 to 10 years on parts and electronics and 1 to 2 years of in-home labor.

When buying an elliptical trainer, make sure that its warranty is clearly stated and outlined to avoid any problems in the future.

Return Policy

Some online companies have a return policy, some don’t. Be sure to check if you can return the machine if it is faulty or if it fails to meet your expectations.

Also check who will shoulder the cost of return shipping if need be, as this can be very expensive given the weight of Best Elliptical Trainers for home use.

In-Home Repairs

If your machine happens to have a mechanical problem and needs to be repaired, will the company be able to provide qualified technicians who can do a good job?

Check if the service centers are located near you and if in-home repairs are available (often this is covered by the warranty for a specific period of time). Be sure to also see if you can call in for assistance should any minor problems arise.

Quality Counts

When it comes to Best Elliptical Trainers for home use, quality varies greatly. Manufacturing companies sell a wide range of models suited for everyone from the not-so-serious amateur to the hardcore athlete training for a competition.

Some companies are better than others when it comes to quality trainers and good customer service, so be sure to do your research. We have extensive articles covering major brands that you can read over and learn more about major manufacturers and what brand will suit you best.

Where to Buy Elliptical Trainers?

There are various outlets which claim to have the best elliptical machines under 1500 dollars and when we were researching the best elliptical trainers we found that Amazon was not only better on price but also offered fast delivery and often free delivery on most elliptical trainers.

You can buy your “Best Elliptical Trainer 2018” for home use from either an online merchant that sells various brands, much like a regular store, or buy factory-direct from the manufacturer’s website.

While competition is often cut-throat, it is up to you, the consumer, where you want to make your purchase. The best deals are often found in online stores that are selling several major brands side-by-side.

While the choices are endless, there are a handful of online stores that have well-established reputations and are known for selling quality products and delivering outstanding customer service.

Buying factory direct from reputable manufacturers or mega-stores such as Amazon, you can get great deals on elliptical trainers, extensive model information, and get top-quality customer service.


1. Amazon

Amazon is a huge online retail store to buy Best Elliptical Trainers for home use that has gained a first-class reputation built on trust, dependability, and value. Chances are that if you are researching elliptical machines online, you will find yourself on Amazon.

2. Smooth Fitness

Smooth Fitness sells more than 90% of its products online, and because of this, the company makes sure it delivers a great online shopping experience to all of their customers.

Smoothfitness-logoTheir constant outstanding customer service has given Smooth Fitness one of the highest customer ratings in the fitness industry to buy Best Elliptical Trainers for home use.

The company focuses on selling only their brand, Smooth elliptical trainers, and each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With most of its operations online, Smooth Fitness is able to deliver its products in an impressively short period of time, usually taking only 5 to 10 days by land.

Clarity is of great importance to this company, and they make sure that all of their customers are aware of shipping and return policies so that confusion can be avoided. All manuals and guides for Smooth Fitness equipment can be downloaded from the site, both for current and previous models.

Company Website: www.smoothfitness.com

3. Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness LogoSole Fitness offers a great array of elliptical machine models – all of which have an incline. Although there are so many choices when it comes to buying an elliptical trainer if you choose to go with one from Sole Fitness you can be assured that you are buying a quality piece of equipment, regardless of the model.

Making many Best Buy lists, Sole’s elliptical trainers are loved by users for their outstanding performance, high-quality components, reliability, great customer service, and the price-to-value ratio. Sole Fitness offers a 30-day money back guarantee and has free shipping for all elliptical trainers.

There is also an option to pay a little extra for full in-home setup, but we think this is really unnecessary since set-up is in general quite easy according to Best Elliptical Trainers for home use reviews.

Company Website: www.soletreadmills.com

4. ICON Fitness

Icon_Health_and_Fitness_LogoICON Fitness is an internationally-renowned company and the world’s largest manufacturer, producer and marketer of fitness equipment. Through its online store, both NordicTrack and Proform elliptical trainers can be bought.

It is very easy to place an order through the website, and the order status can even be checked while you are waiting for your piece of equipment to arrive. The website is quite extensive, allowing users to download manuals for their fitness equipment, as well as place orders for replacement parts if need be.

As well as you can order Icon Fitness’s Exercise Equipment via Amazon.com. You may get free shipping and expert assembly via Amazon.

Company Website: www.iconfitness.com

5. Precor


Precor has a solid reputation for providing high-quality elliptical trainers backed by good customer service and support. Buying factory-direct from Precor will undoubtedly give you a good deal on your elliptical trainer, and you will be able to receive customer service directly from the source rather than going through a middleman.

Company Website: www.precor.com

6. Yowza Fitness


A relatively new company compared to its competitors, this did not stop Yowza Fitness from delivering the best. Sold exclusively factory-direct without any partners or middlemen.

Yowza offers a great deal on all of its elliptical trainers. Expect a low ticket price along with great customer service and support when you purchase a Yowza elliptical trainer.

After reading this Elliptical Trainer Buying Guide, you know now that the Internet gives you a wide selection when it comes to finding the right online fitness equipment retailer. Do a little bit of research and ask others who have experienced buying big-ticket items online.

Before making a purchase, have an idea as to what kind of trainer suits your needs and shop only at reputable, trustworthy online stores to buy Best Elliptical Trainers for home use.

Company Website: www.yowzafitness.com

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