Powertec Fitness Work Bench Power Rack Review 2018

Powertec Fitness Work Bench Power Rack Review

Powertec Fitness Work Bench Power Rack Review 2018Power racks are like jungle gyms for strength training. If you want to keep your body solid like a rock and love strength training then it is very important to have the best power rack.

With The Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack you can hang on them, climb on them, and connect other fitness accessories to create more exercises for a varied workout.

Strength training does great things internally and externally for your body. It improves the health of your heart, makes you stronger, builds strong bones and helps you lose weight fast. However, let’s take a quick look at this product to see whether it suits your active lifestyle or not.

This power rack has made its way into the basement gyms and the garage of many fitness enthusiasts. Over the years, it has undergone numerous upgrades to adapt to consumer’s strength training needs.

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Powertec Fitness Work Bench Power Rack Review 2018

Technical Specifications

  • Product material: A steel tubing frame coated with a black paint finish that resists rust and corrosion.
  • Product weight: About 270 pounds
  • Assembled height: 84 inches
  • Assembled length: 50 inches
  • Assembled width: 50.6 inches
  • Weight capacity: Rack – (1000 pounds), Dip Bar – (400 pounds), Chin-Up Bar – (400 pounds)

To simplify it, The Powertec Power Rack is made up of metal tubing that’s completed with a black paint. It stands seven ft tall, measures about 4 and a 1/2 ft wide and about 4 ft long. This rack weighs around 270 pounds when it’s totally assembled.

By itself, the power rack can support 1000 pounds, and the dip bar and chin-up bar can keep 400 pounds. With these kinds of weight capacities, the power rack is sturdy enough to stand up to rigorous exercising routines and heavy equipment.

Product Features

• A strong and durable steel creation that can handle strength training workout and large weight limits.
• Lets you execute a wide range exercises for your entire body.
• You can attach a variety of fitness accessories.
• It has improved and new chin-up bars and Olympic bar safety catches.
• A new numeric system that is simple to read set and adjust for connecting accessories.
• Brand new Gravity Lock Safety catches will keep you safe every time you exercise.
• Dip accessory (WB-DMA13) is included.

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Optional Accessories

Thanks to all the separate additional fitness accessories that are available with this Powertec Power Rack. You can easily customize this Power Rack system into a gym or garage which will help to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Lat tower option plate loaded (WB-LTO16)
  • Utility bench (WB-UB16) + Utility bench connector
  • 190-pound weight stack set for lat option
  • Leg lift accessory (WB-LLA16)
  • Pec fly accessory (WB-PFA16)
  • Curl machine accessory (WB-CMA16)
  • Leg press accessory (WB-LPA16)
  • Powertec 255-pound Olympic weight set
  • Accessory rack (WB-ASR16)
  • Powertec 300-pound weight set & Olympic bar
  • Powertec Olympic deluxe black bar with collars
  • Powertec 510-pound Olympic weight set
  • Set of four 2¾-inch-by-2¾-inch footplates
  • 455-pound iron Olympic grip plates
  • Set of two upright 5-inch extension
  • Step-up plate attachment
  • Set of two weight plates storage horns
  • Barbell landmine attachment
  • Rope/strength ring attachment
  • Rope anchor attachment
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar


Powertec Power Rack warranties do not offer coverage for commercial use but for home use only.

  • A lifetime warranty covers frame, not including surface finish.
  • One year of coverage for pads, grips and undefined parts.
  • Two-year protection for parts, not including spring pins and bearings.

Shipping & Assembly

On Amazon, the Powertec Power Rack sells for under $700. It ships for free to 48 states, excluding Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. Territories. The International shipping of this power rack is unavailable. There are no special delivery services available at this time.
The Powertec Power Rack is a heavy piece of fitness equipment that is shipped in pieces. It arrives with steel tubes, washers, nuts and bolts. You need tools to put the power rack together. To help you an assembly guide is included.


Now it’s time to consider the pros and cons of the Powertec Power Rack system to better decide whether this fitness equipment is worth buying.


  • The Powertec Power Rack has a solid steel construction that has been updated and can withstand hard workouts and support high weight limits. With the power rack, you can perform different strength training exercises that will boost your normal workout routine.
  • There’s always a risk of injury when working with fitness equipment. That’s why the Powertec Power Rack has added new and improved safety features to keep you safe during your training routine.
  • It’s easy to turn it into a custom strength training gym. You can choose from over 20 different Powertec Power Rack accessories to add to it for a complete workout.
  • The best thing about this power rack is that it allows you to train your strength, which is in itself a reward.


  • Most people who bought this power rack enjoyed the quality, durability and how much it has enhanced their strength training experience. However, some customers had a minor complaint about how the power rack slightly oscillates while using the dip bar. Unfortunately, it does not come with feet to secure it to the ground.


1. Question: What are the differences between generation’s pr-11, pr-14, and pr-16? (especially in terms of durability, comfort, and safety.)

Answer: There are no changes in term of durability and safety from PR11 – PR16. The Max capacities have remained almost the same throughout the last 3 iterations, at 1000 lbs. The biggest changes for the WB-PR16 from previous models are mainly the ability to accept a variety of attachments and the better powder coat matte finish.

2. Question: Does anyone know where I can find a straight pull-up bar for the Powertec power rack instead of the ergonomic pull-up bars?

Answer: You can get it from the Powertec official site. The Multigrip pull up replacement offers many different grip positions with the straight bar.

3. Question: Are the safety spotter bars easy to take out and put back in? Have I never used that type and was wondering?

Answer: Yes, the spotter bars can be taken out or moved into new position very easy and fast. I have been using the Powertec Power Rack for the last four months and like very much the ease of moving the elements (spotter bars, barbell hooks, weight plates horns) in the required position.

4. Question: What is the minimum ceiling height required in order to accommodate a standard pull up for the machine?

Answer: The Powertec Power Rack (WB-PR) is actually 84 inches high. For optimal pull up work out, you will need 12 inches clearance above that. The most average home ceiling is 96 inches tall and should accommodate for that. I have seen some of our customers set up with only 6 inches of clearance in their basement.

Customer Reviews:

1.Superb quality

This rack is fantastic. It provides everything I need to lift a moderately heavy weight at home without a spotter. However, it tends to wobble when using dip bars. I could try to use them inside the cage rather than outside until I put this thing in the concrete of my garage with redheads. Otherwise, it’s rock solid and has several great accessories.

2. Solid Rack for the price

Powertec Fitness Work Bench Power Rack is very sturdy and easy to put together. It’s not a huge rack so it’s ideal for garages/basements. It was very well packaged with simple instructions and durable material. The Shipping was a bit of a hassle but the product is solid. I had 405 on the rack without problems and it’s not bolted down. My only complaint is that they should include the feet to screw it with the rack instead of an additional accessory.


The Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack is designed to last, can work with a variety of accessories and allows you to perform more powerful exercises. Basically, it does everything it should do as a power rack. Fitness enthusiasts adore it, and the negative criticism is minimal.

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Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table 2018

Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table system Reviews:

The Ironman iControl 400 Best Disk Brake Inversion Table System has extremely groundbreaking durable frame & features. The unparalleled comforts to users make the product outstanding in the market. This is the 180 degrees best fitness upside down table. This exercise can help to reduce your exhaustion & give your whole body a relaxing feeling. If you give 5 to 10 minutes every day for exercise on this table, pain on your back will be relieved.


Ironman iControl 400 Disk Brake System Inversion Table reviews 2018

Editor’s Recommendation:

This iControl 400 model has 275 lbs weight capacity limitation. If you want more weight capacity, you can choose its upgrade model called Weight Extended Ironman iControl 600 Disk Brake Inversion Table System with Air Tech Backrest.This model has more weight capacity extend to 300 lbs. It also has extra thick backrest area &“Ratchet” ankle locking system. Find the feature difference chart below.

Feature Lists:

  • The padding foam of iControl 400 model will give you super lasting comfort at the time of electrifying exercise or therapy period. iControl protects you from any free falling and locks the table during riding and dismounting.
  • Your ankles are safe from strain due to its well-designed foot pads. Ankle locking & anti-locking system gives you more security along with comfort.
  • If you are tall in physique, are suffering from back pain for your weight. The adjustable settings of this inversion table provide you to measure the height range from 4’10” to 6’6”.So, the iControl 400 always provide you the optimum convenience.
  • You can make your sit-ups, crunches etc. easily & safely by converting up to 180 degrees vertical inversion position.
  • Its extraordinarily long-lasting steel frame, a scratch resisting powder glazed surface&well-organized design will give the weight handling capacity up to 275 lbs.
  • At the time of reversing to avoid any instability, this iControl 400 model has 1.5” heavy duty square steel frame construction &1.5” inch thick soft foam for neck back & head ease.
  • Ironman iControl 400 can be folded for storage.
  • The Folded dimensions are 81 inches H x 31 inch W x 18 inch D.
  • Full loop foam covered handle bars for easy return to the upright position.
  • Plastic item holder for cell phones, glasses, and other pocket items.



  • Better positioning. With its foamed handlebars, you can effortlessly return to the upright position.
  • Easy to store. The iControl 400 can be folded for easy storage.
  • Comfort and convenience. Its 1.5-inch wide padded back support guarantees optimal user comfort and convenience even during inversion.
  • Its 1.5-inch steel frame was made to provide extra security and stability during inversion.
  • Added safety feature. Its ankle locking system ensures maximum comfort and security when you are in the inverted position.
  • Easy to assemble. The equipment comes with a user manual, making it easy for you to assemble.


  • Weight Capacity. The weight capacity of the iControl 400 is slightly lower than the average, but it can still accommodate average and plus-sized users.
  • Dangerous design!!! If you invert to quickly the foam bed backboard can break causing the user to go past 180 and flip the unit. The backboard seems to be made of press-board. The stop bar on the unit should be raised so the metal support on the back makes contact with the stop bar and not the board its self.There is the potential to get seriously hurt like I did! I am 5’11” and weigh 220lbs so I’m well within the units recommended user limits.
  • You may not like the ankle locks.

Customer review:

  1. Most fun exercise machine ever!! It’s like having the park in your living room!! In order to avoid injuries its best to get acquainted with the braking system and practice controlling the speed of inversion. It takes a little practice but allows full control of the incline angle. The inversion was great in the beginning but then I decided to get creative n took off the leg attachment an moved the workouts onto the handlebars with the bench angled just right to try out all the gymnastic position I could dream up n then holding it, the strength just spazzes u into form. Olympic sizing the self is for anyone now!! 🙂 use it to run in place at the perfect running angle as well!!
  2. The table is pretty sturdy and holds up well. The disc brake is garbage. It broke after the second use. Mind you I am a lightweight at 170lbs, and practice a lot of Yoga handstands, so there was no angst to invert or heavy strain of any sort on the brake.
    It is a closed unit, so I am not sure if it can be serviced. In order to give the company a chance to honor its warranty, I contacted them to ship me the disc brake unit. It makes no logical sense to return a 100lb package when just a piece can be exchanged. I would give this product ten stars if I could. The Ironman iControl 400 has two design features that place it above all others, that being the iControl disk brake device that lets you lock the table at any angle, remaining stable at that point until you release it. The other feature is the ankle locking device.
  3. I am very happy with this piece of upside-down equipment. It’s crazy to see that other models use a cloth strap to prevent you from swinging too far back and you have to adjust the strap everytime you want to change the angle. The disc brake system on this one holds the table at any angle you choose and it is secure and sturdy enough for inverted crunches. A very well constructed inversion table that is a far better buy than anything else I considered purchasing. I made the right choice on this one!
  4. I did a lot of research before I chose this particular model. I wanted a table that would allow me to lock the inversion at any angle and had a long lever to lock the ankles in place. Sadly, my experience with this table (it’s their newest version since being out of stock) failed miserably in so many ways. First, the disk brake system was broken. It would not lock. Second, the long lever that locks the ankles kept popping out of its placement. Third, it was hell to put together. Fourth, the company “never” answers emails and rarely answers their phone. Which made it impossible to replace the broken parts. In the end, I shipped it back and bought the Teeter inversion system, which is a thousand times better.
  5. This best inversion table 2018 works great. we were not real happy with putting it together. Instructions were confusing & parts not clearly marked. Fortunately, we had put many other things together & could figure it out. we had to find & use bolts we had in our garage to complete it. once we had it together it was easy to use. I had thought there was a series of marks that would help determine what angle I was needing. I bought Ironman to help with my spinal stenosis. My chiropractor said he thought it would help since I didn’t want surgery. It has He says my spine is looser. He had me start at a slight angle to give my spine time to adjust. I started using it for a minute at a time, once a day now I’m up to a minute & a half once a day. I’m very happy with my purchase & I would recommend it to others.This was the first time I had ordered anything from Amazon & I was very happy with ordering thru Amazon.

 Other Products in the Same Configuration:


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Body Back Buddy 2018 ( Best Deep Tissue Massage Device)

Body Back Buddy Review 2018

Body back buddy 2018! After a decade it is not odd to tell that the back buddy is not predictable by its looks. This body back buddy is a deep tissue massage device and has made a history of its own. You can effectively relieve back pain by using the back buddy.

This massager contains 11 knobs. Those knobs will give you the massaging ability to have the best as you choose for your pain relief. And the accessibility to any stress part of your body will relieve muscle knots and spasms.

‘Body back buddy 2018 ‘ the intensity levels of this simple design go users with myofascial pain syndrome. The lightweight will impress the users of the massager with featuring low price.

Exception: Users who complain about flexibility issue & need to massage in the specific area then Homedics Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager can be a healthier alternative.

Body Back Buddy 2018

How To Use The Body Back Buddy

Body back buddy allows you to massage all the muscles of the body like shoulder, neck, back, arms, chest, hands, hips, buttocks, feet and legs through its natural shape and open design. You can easily release spastic and tight muscles. You can easily control the amount of pressure needed. You can also reach the exact spot that needs treatment. Even with minimal effort and strength, you can simply treat areas that are not possible without Body back buddy.

There are three ways of therapy knobs on each body back buddy.

A dull rounded one planned for broader surface massage; a pointed style, which will let you accurately go through deeper into a specific area. And the two (4 & 6) dull nubs placed in the middle of the tool that is designed to massage the upper part of the buttocks and the back on each side of the spine.

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Stamina In-motion Elliptical Trainer Review 2018-2019

Stamina In-motion Elliptical Trainer Review 2018

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review 2018! If you are looking to work out your legs without going to the gym or want an elliptical trainer without compromising the room space then Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer should be your first choice.

With this trainer, you can easily do workouts in your own home. You can get this machine for a very reasonable price.

Now we are going to give you a total review of this elliptical machine so that you can understand whether this product is good for you or not.

Let’s Have A Look:


Key Benefits

  • Burn calories without the threat of injury
  • Budget-friendly elliptical machine
  • Great cardiovascular fitness equipment,
  • Tone lower parts of the body
  • Low-impact design protects back, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Easy to use and carry.

Product Description:

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is trouble-free to get the convenient and versatile exercise you desire. This Budget-friendly machine can be used easily while you are standing, sitting, or by pedaling in reverse-motion.

Whether you’re watching television, working at the office or reading book, you can easily carry this elliptical machine for exercise. These best elliptical trainer workouts burn the same number of calories like jogging.

With the help of the multi-functional fitness monitor, you can track your improvement easily. This Fitness monitor of Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer tracks workout time, total strides, strides per minute, and calories burned.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight (24 pounds) and Compact elliptical trainer.
  • Electronic monitor tracks strides, calories, and exercise time.
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 1 LR44 batteries required.
  • Three Color Options
  • 24 x 20 x 12 inches product dimensions

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Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer Review


Multiple Workout Options

You’ll engage your core in the standing position, which in turn will burn more calories. But when you are in the sitting position, you’ll solely target your lower parts of the body.

Multi-functional Fitness Monitor

You’ll be motivated to keep pedaling because the multi-functional monitor tracks your improvement. This Fitness monitor also has a scan function in order to see all the exercise stats of yours periodically.

Adjustable Tension:

By adjusting the tension knob, this machine controls the intensity of your workout easily. You can do other things too because the resistance is very quiet.

Electric Motor:

The Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer has an electronic motor that helps track and display the duration of your exercises. It also shows the number of calories you have burned. This electronic motor feature is just awesome!

Stamina In-motion Elliptical Trainer Review
Textured Pedals

You can pedal as fast and hard as you want. No matter how you use the elliptical trainer the textured surface of the pedals will make your feet safe and secure.

Forward or Reverse Motion

You can easily do forward and reverse motion workouts with this elliptical machine. Sometimes it’s nice to change the forward and reverse motion.

You can target different important muscles in your legs and glutes by varying the track of your pedaling.

Three Color Options

For pedaling in style you can get green, Lime and bright orange color options that are available for this machine

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Stamina In-motion Elliptical Trainer 2018-2019

Product details

  • Weight capacity- 250 lbs
  • Display- Electronic Console
  • Product Dimensions – 24 x 20 x 12 inches
  • Weight – lightweight only 24 pounds
  • Item model number – 55-1610
  • Shipping Weight – 30 pounds
  • ASIN number – B000VICRO8
  • Batteries – 1 LR44 batteries required.
  • Warranty – Frame 1-year
  • This trainer can be shipped to select countries out of the U.S.
  • Domestic Shipping – Amazon only ships this item within the contiguous 48 United States.

  • Really fun to exercise on this machine
  • Awesome for the office and use at work
  • Low-impact design protects back, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Fits perfectly under desk
  • Allows both frontal and backward movement
  • Budget-friendly
  • Very easy to move around
  • Resistance can be easily adjusted
  • Installation is very simple
  • Operates with little noise


IN Short: Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer is a sturdily-made compact trainer that can be used easily while you are standing, sitting, or by reverse-motion pedaling. The fitness meter of this machine helps to track and display the duration of your workouts. It also shows the number of calories you have burned. Those who are looking for a way to exercise during certain tasks at a desk for a reasonable price then go for this Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer.
Best of Luck!

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HoMedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat Reviews 2018

The lovely Homedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat consist of three different massage settings. Your shoulders, the lower back & the upper back are the three different massage settings. The producer & the designer targeted this three spot for your back pain relief.

The design is so cool that you can comfortably use it around your back, neck, shoulders and much more you like. This cool massager offers flexible straps. With the help of the straps, you can target any areas where you feel hard to reach.

Checkout HoMedics NMS-600

Key Benefits
  • Vibration massage helps to invigorate and melt away tension
  • Homedics massager has soothing heat function for added relaxation and comfort
  • Convenient integrated controls which let you choose the combinations of vibration, Shiatsu, and heated massage
  • The comfort flex handles to facilitate the massage intensity

Homedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat

About the product

  • Homedics percussion massager is specifically designed to comfort muscles,
  • This massager calms down the tensed muscles with the powerful hitting action.
  • It has 1 standard plus 3 massage modes,
  • Soothing heat of this Homedics massager relaxes tight muscles
  • Flexible straps of this device massage hard to reach tensed areas
  • Adjustable intensity is up to 720 pulses in a minute
  • It massages three ways: upper back, shoulders, lower back

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Homedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat

This powerful Homedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat has an intensity level. This level can go up to 720 pulses within a minute. That indicates that this product is so much powerful than any other massager.

This item offered a preferably reasonable price. The excellent size of the massager makes sure your requirement for shoulder & back pain relief.
Exception: As per its intensity pressure reviewers sometimes think that it might not for the day to day purpose. Noted that, in those suffering days they talk wildly in lieu of the achievement of success of the massager.


Homedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: Is this a chargeable massage device? Does it need to plug in to use?

Answer: Yes. It needs to plug in to use.

2. Question: Does this work on 220-240 voltage also outside the US

Answer: No, this product is made for a 120-volt household electrical outlet.

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5 Best Battle Ropes 2018-2019 (Buyer’s Guide)

best size battle ropes 2018The Best Battle Ropes for home gym offer a killer cardio workout. They’re like must-have pieces of equipment for anyone trying to pack the lean mass.

The Battle Rope exercise work on each arm independently. It eliminates strength imbalances as they form your muscle on your arms,” says John Brookfield, inventor of the original battle-ropes system.

You can either use it as a best battle rope exercises as it was designed, or you can use it as a swing to work on your arm muscles, you can use it as a jumping rope if it’s short enough.

Basically, battle ropes for are recommended to those who want to improve their body and increase strength by combining a set of exercises with hand swinging.

Even if it’s the first time when you hear about this workout item, rest assured that people worldwide have been using it and have seen incredible results in their daily routine.

Checkout Best Battle Ropes

Why You Need Battle Ropes For Fitness?

Imagine that you want to follow a full workout for all of your muscles in a short time, during a break from work or until your friends come over. Did you ever think about combining the elements with a battle rope? It is very easy and it gives you full body workout during a short period of time.

When searching for online videos of battle ropes workout, you will notice that they are very easy to use in ways that you never thought of. You can even play with your imagination and use them almost anywhere, from your own personal home gym to your garden or even when visiting the surrounding sights.

You can apply it to a tree and pull yourself when doing sit-ups, you can attach it to a tree branch and use it to do pull-ups and you can even use it as a swing to improve your arms stability and strength.

Top 5 Best Battle Ropes 2018-2019 Reviews

We created a list of the best size battle ropes for you to choose the one you need. Basically, you must use a thick rope for this type of exercises, since regular ropes are not strong enough. In addition, battle ropes 2018 are specially designed to last longer and to be strong for any type of exercises, while regular ropes may break or injure yourself.

1. Battle Rope NEXPro – Polydac Undulation Rope Exercise

NEXPro is among the best battle rope manufacturers. This Polydac undulation rope will give your fitness training new feelings since you will improve your full body in a shorter time. It is built from 100% polypropylene and polyester, making it very strong and resistant.

best battle ropes for home gym 2018-2019

In addition, it has a 3-strand construction with strong twisted ropes with heat shrunk caps at the ends. Furthermore, the 600D Oxford Waterproof sleeve helps in protecting it against friction so that you can enjoy it for a long time without damaging. Its size is of 1.5” width and comes in three lengths: 30, 40 and 50 feet. Also, its weight depends on the length, coming in 18 lbs for the 30 ft rope, 23 lbs for the 40 ft rope and 27 lbs for the longest 50 ft.

The best part is that there are no restrictions regarding height or weight, anyone can use this battle rope and choose the best size battle rope they need. Even though they are made in China, they will guarantee strength and great work out exercising, building your entire body.

Features Of Battle Rope NEXPro:

  • Available in 30ft, 40ft, and 50ft length
  • 100% made of a strong and resistant material
  • Heat shrink caps at the ends to avoid damage
  • Protective sleeve against friction

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2. Battle Ropes Poly Dacron – Exercise Workout Strength Training Undulation Ropes

You can exercise with this Poly Dacron battle rope anytime, anywhere and for as long as you want to. All fitness levels are suitable for this heavy rope since it comes in 30ft and 50ft lengths, chosen according to your needs. Plus, the great grip handles to protect your hands from injuries due to the heat shrink caps located at both ends. These also protect it from unraveling, giving long-term protection and resistance.

best battle ropes 2018

What is more, This “best battle ropes 2018” are easy to store anywhere due to the roll-up option. They are flexible and easy to carry anywhere, giving you access to exercise at home, in nature or in the park. In addition, this best battle rope is not very light, which is why their weight is perfect when working on your arms strength. It is enough to use it for 10 minutes to feel how your entire body is working, building up all of your body muscles.

Features Of Battle Ropes Poly Dacron:

  • 5” width
  • 3-strand twisted rope construction with heat shrink caps at the ends
  • Less visibility of dirt due to its color
  • Protected with a nylon sleeve against friction and wear

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3. Zeny Black 1.5″/ 2″ – Battle Ropes With Width Poly Dacron

Available in 2 width sizes, the Zeny Black Battle Rope comes in three different lengths for you to choose the best size battle rope for your exercises. Its resistance is guaranteed by the 100% Poly Dacron, built from a 3-strand twisted rope for a stronger and durable construction. Plus, its heads are apprized with heat shrink caps, to avoid damage on the long run.

Best battle ropes for home gym 2018The thin orange or yellow lines give a unique and professional look to the rope, reminding you of the strong hiking equipment. It is also convenient for maintenance, while the 600D Oxford Sleeve protects it from humidity, fray, dust, and friction, for longer protection.

Anyone can use the Zeny Black battle rope since it comes in three sizes depending on the experience level. For example, if you are a junior you can opt for the 30ft rope, regardless of the width, while if you are an intermediate you can go with the 50ft one. Beginners can also use the 40ft rope, while experts need longer ropes for more exercising difficulty.

Features Of Zeny Black 1.5″/ 2″:

  • 6 sizes depending on the user levels
  • Strong 100% Poly Dacron built
  • Protective waterproof sleeve against friction
  • High tensile strength

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4. POWER GUIDANCE – A Perfect 1.5″ Width Battle Rope

The Power Guidance battle rope gives awesome muscle toning and metabolic workout options for your fitness exercises. This 1.5” width battle rope comes with an anchor included to ensure that your exercises are well done. Also, it is available in three lengths for each user level, making it perfect for anyone.

best battle ropes for beginners 2018With heat shrink handles and 3-strand twisted rope design, this ‘best battle ropes 2018′ is constructed of 100% Dacron, making it durable and stronger than polydac materials. Plus, you can use the 10 inches handles for better grip and hands protection. Combine this battle rope with your regular exercises and you will experience full body workout as never before.

Users of any level can use it: the 30ft length is perfect for beginners, while the 40ft version suits intermediates and 50ft are for advanced users. You can increase your efficiency by upgrading to a longer version since the longer the rope is the harder it is to use.

Features Of This Battle Rope:

  • Available in 30ft, 40ft and 50ft lengths for any user
  • Very strong to use
  • Comes with a nylon protective sleeve to avoid friction and wear
  • Black color gives an attractive design

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5. Rep V2 Color Battle Ropes – Best For CrossFit And Conditioning

The amazing Black and Blue battle rope Rep V2 is another perfect choice for strong exercising. It is constructed from 100% Poly Dacron to allow maximum resistance and flexibility to any user. It comes with a protecting nylon sleeve to keep it away from friction, while its heat shrink ends to protect it from damage and can be used as a good grip while working out.

best size battle ropes 2018Even though it is not recommended to use on rough surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, this soft battle rope will show powerful wave actions. Its width of 1.5” is perfect for fitness, while the 2” give a stronger workout. The longer the rope the harder it is to use, increasing the exercise difficulty due to its weight increase.

Rep V2 Color Battle Ropes Features:

  • Available in 6 sizes: 1.5” 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 2” 30ft, 40ft and 50ft
  • Heat-shrink covers and strong poly Dacron construction
  • Black and blue attractive design
  • Awesome construction for strong workouts

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Two Best Battle Rope Exercises You Must Master

1. Battling-Rope Crossovers

The Battling Rope Crossover is an exercise that slams the battle rope to the floor. Brookfield said that best battle rope exercises create more power and hammers in your core.

Directions: Keep both feet flat on the ground and lift them to your left and then slam them down hard to your right. Do it again in the opposite direction. Keep on alternating for 1 to 20 minutes.

2. Battling-Rope Waves

This is the typical and best battle rope exercises. Brookfield said that this rope exercise works on each arm separately and keeps your muscles under pressure for extended periods.

Directions: At first hold the ends of the battle rope in front of your hips. And after that brace your core and begin alternately raising and lowering each arm explosively. Keep alternating arms for 1 to 20 minutes.


Overall, these five best size battle ropes for home gym will give you more options when working out. You can use them while doing your regular exercises or you can create your own workout routine, based on online tutorials and training videos. If you also want to experience more you can use your creativity and play with these ropes anywhere. Overall, battle ropes for home gym are easy to store anywhere, while exercising with them will give you more strength and body build. These thick ropes are strong and flexible, constructed either from poly Dacron or pure Dacron, which make them the best choice when experiencing the best workout sessions.

If you also want to experience more you can use your creativity and play with these ropes anywhere.

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